The most heroic of voyages to Barra de Navidad

Antonio de Mendoza of Spain ‘discovered’ Barra Navidad on Christmas Day, 1564, thereby giving Barra Navidad its name (Navidad is Spanish for Christmas).

But, much more importantly in the grand scheme of things, Ceebz and I ‘discovered’ Barra Navidad on Christmas Eve, 2004. We will spend Christmas here, as seems appropriate, even despite the fact that Christmas is my least favorite day of the year.

All hatred towards Christmas aside, I think Antonio De Mendoza would be in awe of how Ceebz and I managed to discover Barra Navidad with only Radar, GPS, Depth Finder, VHF Radio, Satellite Internet, Satellite TV, numerous computing systems, flat screen TV, watermaker, fridge, freezer, stove and dual 18 hp Yanmar duesel engines. I wish he were alive today to meet us, because I am sure he would love to meet people as brave and daring as Ceebz and I.

The fact that Mendoza did it with no charts, fear of falling off the side of the earth, scurvy, no technology whatsoever, and had to fight the natives when he got here pales in comparison to the accomplishments of Capitan Berwick and his trusty 1st mate, Ceebz.

When Ceebz and I arrived we had to struggle with the checking in process of the local 5 star hotel marina also, where we then played a game of tennis before taking a dip in the pool and jacuzzi.

Ahh Mendoza, you pussy.

In all seriousness now, there actually is one thing much better about Ceebz and I, than the Spanish conquerers. Now that we are here, Ceebz and I, almost certainly, will not kill millions of Mexicans. We might, but I seriously doubt it… too much work. We may, in the spirit of it all, however, chase after a few Mexican girls and maybe loot and pillage somewhat.