Still Bangkokking

Well, as you can tell by the complete crashing halt to my blog, nothing too amazing has been happening lately. After my return from Mexico to Bangkok I have been doing as I foretold, relaxing, getting back in shape, working and enjoying all the other things I always enjoy here, not least of which are great restaurants, great weather, the pool, etc etc.

However, in the next week, my 30 day Thai tourist visa runs out, necessitating yet another visa run. I think I will go on another adventure at the same time. I am currently thinking to go through Sri Lanka and then on to India (Mumbai and Goa at least). From there, who knows. I really would like to get to Iran before WW III breaks out there though, so at least I can have some perspective on the place outside of American Propaganda Media.

As a sidenote, remember that freaky little anorexic guy named John Mark Karr who popped up in the “news” a few months ago and said he killed that Jean Bonet Ramsey girl in Colorado? Well, it turned out he didn’t, but he really wanted to in his warped, child molesting dreams. Nonetheless, he had been living in Thailand at the time, essentially doing the visa run the same as many people here, including myself. Well, after that got Thailand some bad press they decided to clamp down and now you can only stay 90 days out of every 180 days on tourist visas here. So, all that means, is I now have to pay a company about $300 to give me a business visa (which effectively lasts one year) if I want to stay in the country on a regular basis… I love free markets, no matter how governments try to manipulate there is always a commercial way around their immoral dealings.

So, I’ll likely report in with some interesting new travel details in about a week. I am very curious about India.. from an economic and business standpoint, I have heard viewpoints ranging from it being the next great superpower to it being a corrupt, bureaucratically paralyzed backwater to the Chinese… so, will finally get there and get some basis for my own opinions. I have seen the ‘other’ highly publicized next great thing, China, quite thoroughly from the inside and am in agreement that it is the next great power… already is actually… so I am very curious about India. I have no doubt it will be fascinating on a multitude of levels, of that I am sure.

In the meantime, here are a few snaps of me, again proving my continued existence, although by existence I just mean ploughing around Thailand, causing trouble.

Me, doing my usual
Me at full moon party in Koh Phagnan again