Stories from Thailand

I have applied for a visa to India and should get it on Friday unless they actually figure out who I am… and I have booked a flight Friday from Bangkok to Colombo, Sri Lanka… so will be back on the road again soon with more antics.

In the meantime, here are some interesting stories and pictures from Thailand.

First, as many of you have heard me say ever since my boat sank, I always say, “I’ll never own more than what will fit in my backpack again.”. Well, this is a story about slippery slopes. I was sitting here in Bangkok and Jane and I had gotten hooked on the tv show “24”. It is in its 7th season now on Fox but we had never seen it before and Jane picked up some bootleg copies of it for next to nothing and we started watching it every night on my laptop. This is the kind of show where you have to watch it all in order as it is one long storyline. However, one of the DVD’s would not work in my or Jane’s laptop… but it would work in a regular dvd player.

So, me and Jane were kinda stuck, as that DVD had 4 episodes on it and we couldn’t just skip 4 episodes or we’d lose the whole storyline… so Jane suggested I buy a small dvd player for $50 or something.

I said ok and we went to the store. At the store they had an Xbox 360 and I thought, you know, I really miss having an XBOX and the XBOX has a DVD drive built in… why don’t I spend a bit more and get an XBOX too! (side note: this is hilarious… we were in a ritzy department store… yet they were selling modified Xbox’s… they even tried to upsell me on it like it was a catalog item… and then tried to sell me on bootleg copies of games for super cheap lol… i love Thailand). Anyway, so I bought the Xbox… but then I thought… man, this is gonna look like garbage on the tiny 18″ tv that came furnished in the room I am renting at the moment… so I thought, maybe we should get a cheap flat screen.

So I bought a decent size LCD flat panel tv for about $700…

On the way out I thought… well, now that we have a nice flat screen tv and an Xbox, it’d be a real waste to have a crappy sound system using only the tv’s speakers… so I then bought a 5.1 surround sound system.

An hour after leaving to pick up a cheap dvd player I came home with two taxis full of electronics.

Ahhhhh well, it is friggin wicked. 😛 I can still claim my backpack idealogy though, because I could just say I bought this for Jane. 😛

On to other things…


It is pretty interesting, every day, living with a Thai girl. They do so many weird and funny things.

One thing, for example, is she is always “feeding” Buddha. Actually I am not really sure if it is Buddha… Thai people seem to “pray” to a collection of things… they kinda have a wall/shelf, with stuff on it, including a picture of the King, who they pray too… an elephant man thing (i thought that was a hindu god?)… buddha stuff… and some people even throw in some Jesus stuff just to top it off.

Anyway, a few times a week she feeds him… although that isn’t the right way to say it, as when I say to her, “feeding Buddha again?” she responds, “Not feed! Feed dog! GIVE to Buddha”. LOL.

She gives him a whole bunch of stuff… here is a picture. She usually gives him a red fanta soda, complete with straw… usually some carrot stuff and muffins.

Last week, though, she gave him a fully packaged racing car set… dunno what that was all about.

Yesterday she was hungry and she asked me to grab the muffin from buddha… I told her that didn’t seem right and she replied, “It’s ok… you don’t know Thai people… we say it is ok, now get me muffin”. She asked me to make the praying nod motion as I did though… I guess it’s sorta like saying, “hey, you had it for a day… and we are hungry and too lazy to go get something else, thank you buddha”.


Jane had NEVER… and I mean NEVER been to a dentist before… and I went to get my teeth cleaned recently and suggested she did too… it turns out she had no cavities… I think that is a statement on the way they eat here… the food she eats, every single meal, is so healthy… always rice or noodles, fish, vegetables, meat… no sugar… just a lot of veggies and protein and a bit of healthy carbs with the right amount of fat. All natural food, not the garbage most of us eat.

While she was at the dentist I suggested she may want to consider braces… her teeth on the top are straight but on the bottom they are a bit crooked… she got SO excited. NOTE: I have realized that ANYTHING that costs money is very exciting to her, no matter what it is. In fact, she talked to the doctor about it, and she decided to do it right then and there. The first thing she has to do is get 4 teeth pulled… I’ve never seen anyone so excited to have teeth pulled out of their head?!?!?! But I think I realize a bit what it is… here, in Thailand, having braces is fairly prestigious… if you have braces (at a total cost of about $1,500 over 2 years), it means you (or your family) must have some money as your average Thai person couldn’t afford it.

It’s just funny to me, because I had braces when I was in high school and I certainly did not consider it to be prestigious in any way… in fact, it just made me shyer and even less confident! (although I am glad I had them now as it is nice to have, as Elsie puts it, “oddly straight teeth”). But it is so funny to see how excited Jane is about getting them.

That’s it for the shenanigans for now… next communique from the island of Serendipity.