Shhhaaarrrreeeeee Lanka

I took a direct flight from Bangkok to Colombo, Sri Lanka on Friday night… Colombo is a pretty small town (600,000 population) and it showed… almost all the ‘hot’ places I went to had 15-25 people in them, at best… everyone seemed pretty cool and it was kinda neat being there especially during the Cricket World Cup as people in this part of the world are CRICKET MAD! So much so, that Pakistan lost a few days ago and someone killed their coach…. India lost to Bangladesh and there was riots in India!

I’ve never really been in this region before, so am not quite sure how to compare Colombo to the rest of the area, but it wasn’t too bad… just, as usual, a bit too quiet for me, so I got out of there after only 3 nights, two of which I just mostly worked in my hotel room on my laptop… didn’t really see much at all.

The interesting part started on the last day though. On the morning of the day my flight was leaving, I awoke to the top news story on Google News being that the Tamil Tigers had bombed the area around Colombo’s airport during the night as part of their continuing twenty year civil war. Being a very self-infatuated person, my first thought was, “oh good, i hope my flight is delayed so i can sleep in more”.

Interestingly, barely any flights were delayed, and even when I got to the airport, there was nothing out of the ordinary.. hardly any police/military presence at all… in fact the most I saw was two uniformed guys riding around on some beat up 10-speed bikes!

And, btw, that is great… I love that so much more than the 9/11 BS, which was, in case you still don’t know, completely orchestrated by the US government. The mood today at Colombo’s airport was light and open… I would never have known they had been basically under attack overnight unless I read it in the news.

BTW, I kinda respect Britian for a few things, and one was, after they had their ‘terrorist bombings’ last year (which, also, btw, was orchestrated by the CIA and Britian’s secret service… it’s pretty much all documented if you care to look), I rode the subway in London a week or so after that, and they did not have that whole US police state attitude there… they had a few bag checkers, but no sense of needing a throng of gun toting military gangsters to give people ‘confidence’. Also, I respect many of the BBC’s documentaries which are some of the best, most intelligent documentaries in the world… one you should watch is “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.

Hey, how’d I get so off-track and political again? Well, since I did, let me clarify, I am completely un-political… I hate all politics, nations, states, armies and politicians… the truth will set humanity free and unleash us from the chains of these slaveholders.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOkkkkkkkkkkk… back to Sri Lanka…

So, I totally misjudged Colombo traffic… the taxi ride from downtown to the airport is 35 minutes at the best of times… but at midday, well, it was over an hour… I ended up arriving 15 minutes before my flight to Mumbai was supposed to leave, but it had apparently already left…

So, I asked, “what’s your next flight to anywhere in India?”. The cute Sri Lankan girl (btw pretty much everyone I met in Colombo spoke excellent English, which is so handy for someone like me, who only speaks English, poquito Spanglish, some Chinglish, and a few swear words in Thai) replied, “We have a flight to Chennai in one hour”.

I responded, “Ok, I’ll take it. And, btw, where’s Chennai?”

Well, I just arrived in Chennai… it used to be called Madras, and I have heard of that, so I kinda feel like I have some clue where I am.

I will report more on Chennai and India over the next few days… in the meantime, here are a few random comments:

1. The internet in Sri Lanka and India is blazing fast in the hotels I’ve been at… dunno if that is some anomaly or if they have way better lines over here or what… but one of the very, very few things I dislike about Thailand is that they censor the internet and their lines in general aren’t that fast…

2. For whatever reason, I have never eaten Indian food much… and never gave it much thought. But today I had some amazing Indian food on the plane (btw, $150 plane ride and they served all you can drink Heineken’s on the 1.5 hour flight and had an amazing lunch) and I just got to the hotel here and had some great curried lamb with roti… oh man, I am digging Indian food! Something about the spice feels so nice, gives you a warm feeling… and not like Thai food, which makes you scream like a demon has taken your soul, but more just a nice warm buzz. I just hope I don’t start to give off that smell many Indians do from the food… also on that note, since I’ve been digging Indian food now, whenever I smell Indian people walk by I get all hungry! 😛

I will leave more comments for later… my very, very general plan is to try to get to Mumbai on Wednesday until Sunday… then Goa for full moon party for 3-4 days… after that I have no idea.

But, after spending my first few hours in India it has already been quite an experience… will have lots of comments and stories from this part of the world soon!