Zi What?

Ceebz and I sailed down from Barra de Navidad on Dec 28 to a place called Ixtapa/Zihautenjo. It was 200 miles, so took about 30 hours. We arrived mid afternoon at Marina Ixtapa. Ixtapa and Zihautenjo are actually two different cities, right beside each other. Z-town is sorta the older city and Ixtapa has the 5 star hotels and nicer new area.

Havent been here too long yet but we have already had some amazing hamburgers and the best shrimp tacos we have had in Mexico yet.

From what I can tell so far, it seems like this place is the place that Mexicans come to vacation. Hardly any Canadians or Americans here, which is a nice change. I definitely need to learn some more Spanish though, and may even take a crash course.

Ceebz and I will most likely spend New Years here and maybe head towards Acapulco (only 110 miles south) mid week next week.

Oh, and it is damn hot here! Oddly enough, the further south we go the hotter it gets. Gonna have to look into a/c for the boat soon… either that or melt.