Ahhhh Acapulco

Why do I even bother going ANYWHERE other than Mexico or Thailand??!!

From the moment I arrive in either of the two countries, everything is perfect. It is like I shed my pale, scaly, dry skin like a snake and instantly am alive with the glow of health and happiness.

Perfect weather, scenery, amazing food, cheap living, vibrant people, exceptional nightlife and beautiful, approachable girls. If there is anything more to life I’d be very interested in hearing about it!

Thailand and Mexico are now officially my dual-perma-destinations. And they are a perfect complement to each other with Thailand and it’s spicy food and Mexico and it’s spicy chicas. 5 months per year in Thailand and 5 months per year in Mexico, with a month in between in transit is the actual fountain of youth. It exists, you just have to do it.

I don’t think I could ever get bored of a beautiful 18 year old girl calling me ‘papi’ in Mexico, or the submissive, soft skinned exotic beauties of Thailand bowing to me with their beautiful wai greeting and a soft-spoken, sawasdee-ka.

People of Islamic faith, and most other religious followers, figure that heaven is in the afterlife and they bide their time here on Earth waiting for their 50 virgins and all-you-can-eat buffets in heaven… I can’t speak on the afterlife, but I know that the heaven they are talking about is right here, in Mexico and Thailand. And that is a guarantee, not just a hope!

Within a few days of being here I have already ran into a few of the girls I loved from my last trip, plus, I even ran into the first girl in Acapulco who I was so enamored with I immediately took Spanish lessons in order to communicate with her 2.5 years ago…named Alexia… how beautiful a name is that? However, it wasn’t to be as she had a husband/novio at the time (as most girls in Mexico do, after they are 18 years old!), but I saw her two nights ago and she told me she is now single… Ahh, how can I convey a mental image of how I felt the second she told me that. Vultures circling…. Eyes squinting… sun rising, heart pounding… dams breaking… all that, combined with an atomic blast. Comprende?

It’s just so different than how I feel about almost any girl (other than the very rare few), or situation, in Camerica… there it is more like, placing gun-in-mouth, eyes glazing, mind numbing, sewage spilling, death. But, why even talk about negative places like that… better to focus on the positive.

I had originally planned to stay in Acapulco for only 3-5 days, but I am natching that immediately. I will now stay here at least a week… and I would love to stay here much longer, but I am quite curious about Cuba and do need to get to the Dominican Republic on some business prior to going to Denver for a conference on Oct 26. However, as soon as that conference is over, I have zero obligations and will likely head straight back to the vida bonita in Mexico prior to setting off to complete a tour of the Caribbean (I’d like to hit every country in the Caribbean… possibly via a rented catamaran) and surroundings, including Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Cartagena in Colombia and Panama.

All destinations are within a 3 hour flight of mother Mexico so, if none of those spots are giving me what I need, I am only a stones throw from Mexico and all its beauty.