Langkawi to Penang

I stayed 4 nights in Langkawi at the Westin. The airport in Langkawi is small, but quite nice and new… The Westin hotel is kinda out of the way, a bit, from the more busier area around Pantai Cenang, but that was okay with me as I mostly just wanted to do some work and relax, which is about all I did there.

The Westin is quite nice… the pool area is quite nice with a great view. It seemed quite quiet while we were there. The restaurants weren’t really all that great…

We took the 20 minute taxi drive out to the Pantai Cenang area on 2 separate occasions… there is only one nightspot that has anything happening, and that is the Enigma, in the lobby of a hotel. It had a live band but in general the place was really not that great.

In general, I wouldn’t say Langkawi is better than a place like Phuket in any area… whether it be beauty, restaurants, beaches, lifestyle or people… I won’t be going back any time soon, especially with all the great Thai resort areas (Phuket, Samui etc) all nearby.

As it almost always seems to be, the places you have high hopes for, never are that good, and the places you know nothing about, and don’t care much about, turn out to be not too bad.

We hopped on a 3 hour ferry from Langkawi to a city named Penang. Neither Jane nor I knew much about Penang… we were very surprised to arrive at a fairly modern large city (1.5 million population) that seemed pretty cool at first glance.

We are staying at a hotel in the hills (tropical rain forest) connected to a golf course and our views are beautiful. I’m going to try to hit the links tomorrow and Jane and I have already decided that we will stay a few more days here… we will likely move hotels to a downtown location to be closer to restaurants and nightlife after a few days chillin out in the hills.

I think I will likely have more of interest to report from Penang if my first few hours here are any indication. The history of this city is very interesting as it is an old and important city that was once a major British port (the main city on the island of Penang is called Georgetown, which should give you an indication of its history).

We will likely hit Kuala Lumpur by the weekend to see some friends and then will probably make our way back to Thailand… I will be leaving for North America on July 18 and will be spending a few weeks in Canada this summer, but mostly on business and just to finish up some paperwork to officially become non-resident of Canada (I haven’t lived there in years, and don’t plan to ever live there again, but will make it official this year).

So will likely see many friends and family in Canada during July…

In the meantime, signing out from Penang.