The Return to KL

It has been 13 months since I was last in Kuala Lumpur so it is interesting and nice to be back here… but before I get to KL, let me finish off on Penang.


We ended up staying 4 nights in Penang… we stayed the first 2 at a hotel that is up in the hills, connected to a golf course, called The Equatorial. The hotel is quite nice and the surroundings are beautiful… the rooms themselves are a bit dated, however.

I golfed with Jane, one day, which was fun… the golf course was pretty nice, although the greens weren’t especially well maintained… but for $30 for a round of golf, I wasn’t complaining.

We then decided we wanted to be more centrally located in Georgetown so we moved to the brand new, and very nice, G Hotel. Possibly because it is new, we may have gotten a good deal… we paid about $80/night, but if this hotel were in Miami or other cities like that, it’d be $580… it was very nice.

The hotel is right on the promenade, oceanside on Gurney Street and is practically connected to a very nice mall there, called the Gurney Plaza, with lots of good eateries and shopping, so it was very enjoyable. As with everywhere else I have been in Malaysia, Penang was all-round, very nice and I’d recommend spending a few days there if you are in the region. And, for investors, I saw what appeared to be some some nice, seaside condos, with 3 bedrooms, for about $30,000…


We took a short, 45 minute flight on Air Asia (for $60) from Penang to KL and stayed at the Hilton for 3 nights (for about $110/night).

I don’t have too much to report here than I did last time… it is still a pretty cool city, very livable and nice, relaxed vibe, with all the luxuries you would expect in a world-class city.

I am heading to Bangkok tomorrow, where I’ll likely stay until the 18th before heading to Vancouver.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the last week:

Me in front of the Petronas Towers
Me golfing in Penang
Jane at the Hilton in KL