Timeout in Taipei

Ahh, I haven’t even left Asia yet and I already am starting to miss it!!

I had a 3 day stop-over in Taipei on my way to Vancouver from Bangkok. I hadn’t been here in a year and a half.

Taipei is a GREAT town… what a vibrant nightlife… and so many beautiful and stylish women… I’m not sure what they eat here, but man there are a lot of tall people here. There must’ve been 10 guys over 6’6″ at one club last night, and I’d say about half the girls were around my height, with many of them much taller than me!!

FYI, some of the better clubs are Mint, at the 101 (tallest building in the world), Luxy and Plush.

I stayed at the Grand Hyatt, just opposite 101… very nice… they gave me a free upgrade to a huge suite (2 bathroom, living room etc)… the service and people here are outstanding… the service in most places in Asia is just so much higher than you would ever get in Camerica.

I leave for Canada tomorrow… bleh. But at least it is summer there… and I haven’t seen some of my friends in a long time so I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable… but I already miss Asia!!!