Retirement Tour

I have decided that, with summer waning, this is my last chance for the next year to see some parts of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia… I also feel like it is time I retired after that. Not in any meaningful sense, but in terms of being a complete nomad who lives a crazy life.

So, this will likely be my farewell tour before I ratchet it down and become semi-stable (likely in Thailand and either Mexico/Dominican Republic or Argentina). At that point I will take the odd fun trip, but nothing like I am doing now.

Here is the pseudo plan:

Aug 3 Amsterdam
Aug 6 Zadar and Split, Croatia
Aug 13 Sofia and Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Aug 18 Vilnius, Lithuania
Aug 23 Riga, Latvia
Aug 28 Talinn, Estonia
Sept 2 Helsinki, Finland
Sept 7 Oslo, Norway
Sept 11 Copenhagen, Denmark
Sept 15 Brussels, Belgium

After that I’ll likely make my way back through Canada to Mexico, the Caribbean and South America for a month or two. At least that’s the plan.

I’m pretty sure on most of this plan (as opposed to past plans) though… I have already booked for Amsterdam and Croatia.