Libertarian News Updates & The Valiant Story of Hero McTeague

Well, there is absolutely nothing of interest happening in my life that anyone would want to hear about. I live in paradise. My life is paradise. I literally do what I want and get what I want 24/7… from having girlfriends who actually work in the building and can come, and then go, at my beck and call, to spending my days at the gym, the beach, the pool…. I really can’t understand why everyone doesn’t live the way I do… but hey, keep doing that 9-5. I’ll hold down the fort living the good life for ya!

In the meantime, every day I read a minimum of one or two news articles that boggle my mind. The viewpoints expressed are so untethered to reality that I find myself, even though my life is literally the good life, in a state of anger and frustration.

And so, since I have ended my worldwide tour, at least temporarily, and have absconded to Acapulco and Thailand for the most part in a quest to see how happy I can make myself, I have decided that I might as well use my blog to blow off steam on how incredibly, unbelievably stupid government, the media and most people are.

So, here is todays rant:

Ottawa Must Get Canadians Out of Bangkok

This proposal, and the ideology underpinning it, is so unbelievably ignorant.

No matter where I am. No matter what I am doing. No matter how crazy of a situation I am in… the LAST thing. Literally, the LAST thing I would think, is that my government would save me. In fact it wouldn’t even be the last thing, that idea would never even cross my mind.

I, apparently, am in the minority.

Some assinine individual named Dan McTeague, who is apparently a Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada spent his taxpayer paid paycheck today trying to help Canadians in a highly dangerous situation!

He reads newspapers and those newspapers tell him that Thailand is in chaos and it is a very dangerous situation. Protesters have taken over Bangkok’s two airports and the government looks to be on the verge of collapse.

Therefore, it is his duty, as a public ‘servant’, to save Canadians in Thailand! My god! The horror!

Well, this only once again proves that government is useless and out of touch.

Anyone who knows anything about Thailand knows that this is just their biannual changing of the guard. I was in Thailand for the last coup two years ago. It was fun. Great party.

But Dan McTeague, who has likely never been to Thailand, nor has ever been anywhere or done anything, is writing letters and doing press conferences! We must save the poor Canadians who are likely holed up in Bangkok, eating amazing fresh food, engaging in relationships with unbelievably beautiful and sweet girls and stuck on pristine beaches in 30c+ weather or, god forbid, in some of Bangkok’s world class malls or hotels!

We must airlift them out of there and get them back to dark, bleak, cold, communist Canada!!!

Good work Dan McTeague!

Believe me, I wish I never even heard of Dan McTeague. I only heard of him today with this ridiculous ‘news’ story but after consulting with Wikipedia it only gets worse.

Prior to his recent work trying to get Canadians out of the terrifying situation in Thailand, Dan McTeague also was involved in many other crucial and heroic situations.

It was Dan McTeague, world-improver, who asked Immigration Minister Joe Volpe to restrict rapper 50 Cent from entering Canada, citing the death of a constituent at the performers previous concert in Toronto in 2004. Thank you Dan McTeague for trying to forcibly restrict 50 Cent from Canada! Who knows what kind of terror he would have unleashed! I can’t even imagine what would have happened! At the very least, 50 Cent would have told Shorty, its your birthday, and he certainly wouldn’t give a f**k if its your birthday!

As well, Hero McTeague recently chaired the Liberal Government Task Force on gasoline pricing, challenging the premium prices Canadians were forced to pay for gasoline in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Apparently McTeague could not understand how, in a free market, when supplies of a commodity are suddenly cut, the price of that commodity rises as demand outstrips supply. Great work McTeague! People like Ludwig Von Mises or Murray Rothbard could never come close to finding out the true reasons behind economic events as well as you could with your highly intellectual and awe inspiring Task Force!

Last but not least, McTeague was also instrumental in pushing his own Government to do more to address the African AIDS pandemic. A pandemic that only exists in the mind of the big drug companies, since AIDS caused by HIV certainly does not even exist. McTeague didn’t notice that though, nor the fact that this pandemic only seems to affect black Africans or gay people… what a coincidence… two of the least liked groups by the western establishment and the Catholic church. But McTeague is more than happy to jump on the genocidal bandwagon and push to spend taxpayer billions to pay for toxic drugs which, in the end, are what actually kill those unfortunate enough to be tagged as having HIV.

I never heard of this delusional bastard before today but after reading about all his amazing work I actually pictured what he looked like. I then Google Imaged him. I was right. A grinner.

Keep up the great work McTeague, the world is a safer and better place thanks to you!