The number of knife deaths in areas targeted by an anti-knife crime scheme have risen

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I might try to write more here as I find stuff nearly every day that I find appalling or amusing or both. Like this!:

BBC: Deaths up during anti-knife drive

According to the report, The number of knife deaths in areas targeted by an anti-knife crime scheme have risen, the Home Office has said. (they even call it the Home Office… can it be anymore obvious it is the exact same concept as the Stazi!)

If you don’t already get why this is so hilarious you really need to take some time to yourself and think about life and how you are missing out on what is going on.

I mean, a bunch of people were killed in the UK last year and a weapon of choice was knives. Sounds like a job for government!! Anti-knife campaign!!! That’ll stop people who have been so hurt by someone that they are infuriated and want to kill the person whom they deem responsible! Now, perhaps, thanks to this anti-knife campaign by the government, when this next happens, perhaps that person will think, hey, wait a minute. The government told me that knives are dangerous and bad. Perhaps I should use, I don’t know…. my car? a rock? my hammer?

However, if this campaign actually did work (impossible) and people started using hammers to get the revenge they are seeking, then we’ll have to sit through 2010’s UK anti-hammer campaign.

Possibly the funniest statement in this entire article is the final paragraph… a coup de grace!:

“Police stepped up searches and patrols in crime hotspots and ran courses to highlight the dangers of carrying knives. The results are mixed.”

Hahahahhahaa. I am so surprised that these courses aren’t working! I mean, if we can’t sit people down in a classroom for 2 hours and get them to realize that knives can kill people, what else can we do! I just hope the old saw about “running with scissors” doesn’t get forgotten in all this! And how exactly are the results “mixed”? The gov’t actually ran an anti-knife campaign and knife deaths went up. If this reporter was anything but a propagandist he would, based on the evidence, have to state that “the apparent result of the government run anti-knife campaign is to increase knife related incidents, perhaps due to raising awareness of the usefulness of knives as weapons to people who otherwise may not have considered it”.

The funny (read: sad) part is, taxpayers pay for this. You are paying for this…. and a billion other useless government programs. And yet you still don’t revolt??? If you don’t immediately punch any politician you meet in the face (except for Ron Paul and the other 0.0000001% of politicians who realize government is oppression and to remove it from virtually all of society is freedom) then I don’t know how else I can help you.

Adding insult to injury, this NEWS about the knife program was offered up by the government news agency, BBC. If this wasn’t a government run news agency AND/OR a big media company (who owns the government) keeping the masses pacified then the headline should have obviously been, “Ridiculous Government Program Fails for 1,000,000th time in History”.

Ahhh, this is probably why I don’t write much in my blog anymore. Keep paying your taxes and ruining the world. I’ll just hang out in the gym and at the beach in Mexico and try to ignore it all.