End of an Era & End of the World As We Know It

That’s it. I have made the decision. I am officially ending my period as a nomad and becoming a nearly full-time resident of Acapulco.

I pushed off on my sailboat four years ago with a simple plan: travel the entire world and experience as much as possible. Do everything and anything. Kiss all the girls and live completely spontaneously.

And I did it. For four years, as this blog can attest. I’ve forgotten more crazy stories than most people even have in their entire lifetime. I’ve arrived in countries, via plane, and not even know what country it was I was arriving at (turns out it was UAE, but all I knew when I bought a plane ticket in Kathmandu, Nepal was that it was called Sharjah and it was “west of Nepal�). I’ve taken a taxi four hours from Bulgaria to the outskirts of Istanbul and then had to run across highways and crawl under razor-wire fence and walked for hours through slums and barrios before getting to my hotel. I’ve been picked up for a dinner date in Guangzhou, China by a military convoy to be taken to a restaurant and fed, manually, with chopsticks by some sort of Chinese princess while she fawned over me and kept telling me, “yoo look-a-lika david beck-um�.

I’ve eaten McFarm burgers in Budapest and eaten snake hot pot in China, while somehow participating in producing a Hong Kong movie and hanging out and smoking weed with Jackie Chan and other HK celebs.

I even sank my boat in El Salvador and ended up clinging to my surfboard in the Pacific Ocean for a while before being saved.

Needless to say, I achieved my goal. I travelled the world and did everything and anything! It was a wild ride.

But, as of today, I am announcing the end of my trip. I no longer feel the need to carry on. In fact, it is much the opposite. I now feel the need to just stay put, for a while.

One of my other objectives on my world tour was to find a place or two I really liked, for the future, and end up living there. I did that too. After 70+ countries, I have to say that I wouldn’t want to really live in 95% of them. Most, or all, are nice enough for what they are. But only two countries have become a part of me. Thailand and Mexico.

And specifically, Bangkok, Phuket and Acapulco.

I have a small place in Acapulco and may go to Thailand in December-ish with the possibility of also getting a small place there as well.

In the meantime, I am here in Acapulco and LOVING it. As crazy as the last four years were, and I would never give up the memories for anything, but I can’t say I was really happy, that entire time. Only for periods when I was in Thailand did I feel happy.

But, right now, in Acapulco, I am incredibly happy. I’ve never said, “ahhhhhhhhhhh� so many times in my life. I say it 5 times a day here. I wake up, open the blinds to overlook always sunny, beautiful Acapulco Bay… “aaahhhhh�… I then make my way down to the pool for an hour… “ahhhhhhh�…. Then I hit the gym for another hour and then return to my room which, by that point, has been completely cleaned by the maids… the air conditioning and the smell of a freshly cleaned room hit me upon opening my door… “aaahhhhhhh�.

And that’s not even mentioning the girls here… of which I’ve had numerous dates every week for the last few weeks! “aaahhhhh�

I’ve completely fallen in love with the culture and lifestyle here. NO ONE is going to believe this but I’ve even started learning how to salsa dance and started singing at karaoke bars! Singing and dancing down here is as fundamental as ice hockey and Tim Horton’s is to Canada…. So, when in Rome. I’ve also become totally outgoing and social. I spend half the day chatting with people at the pool, then come up to laugh with my maids about this or that. I can’t walk down the street here in Acapulco without hand shakes, back patting and, of course, the obligatory kissing on the cheek of many of the bonita mexicanas.

And, for the first time in years, I go to the gym daily… which is something I would do from time to time over the years BUT, in the last few weeks, I’ve started to put in major workouts. Over the last decade I’d go to the gym, but I’d do a very light workout… basically just enough to make it so my muscles don’t start to atrophy but not enough to really get any gains. Here, however, I’m friends with the lifeguard guys and they work out HARD… I work out with them and have been making significant body changes in only a matter of weeks! I really can’t even believe it when I look in the mirror… in only a couple weeks I am starting to look like a men’s physique magazine model! Seriously! That, combined with my daily 1-2 hours swimming at the pool, have me looking more bronzed than I’ve ever looked, very lean with noticeably bulging muscles everywhere! And, due to my lifestyle, I look incredibly relaxed and happy… which just further makes people want to interact with me.

Meeting girls for most of my life has entailed downing a number of shots of tequila and then hazily, drunkenly approaching…. Now it just happens, almost like they come to me… no drinks required… all it takes is total relaxation and a smile and a “hola mi amor, que pasa?�… Just as one example, I was out at a local lounge which has a number of nice looking girls work there a few days ago… They were all giggling and crowded around each other, and the internet, to write in English (they used the internet to translate because no one, NO ONE in Acapulco speaks even one word of English) and then they walked over to me and handed me the note… it read, “Jefri, It is Grisela’s bornday Monday. Please do not lose this, we want you to come. It make us very happy.�… so I showed up on Monday… 7 girls… almost all were quite beautiful but a few in particular were REALLY cute… and me. We ended up out until 6 in the morning… dancing on the table…. I never went 5 minutes without at least two girls sitting on my lap… and this has been how it has been nearly every day for the last few weeks! It’s like I unlocked the code to how to get girls in Acapulco… Bueno!

So, it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve really bought into the lifestyle here and both mentally and physically I have experienced a complete rebirth! I’ve never felt so good, ever.

A few weeks ago when I decided to make these changes in my life I sort-of assumed it would take 6-12 months to change myself mentally and physically… Nope. 6-12 DAYS! No one who knows me would even barely recognize me… from the way I am, to the way I socialize, to the way I act and look… a completely new person. It’s amazing how much you can change/improve yourself once the time is right and you are open to change.

So, now I am thinking, if I can change this much in just a few weeks… what will I be like in a few months? Years?? I can’t wait to find out.

I will still travel from time to time. There are still two large areas that I have yet to see… Central Asia (the stan’s) and the entire continent of Africa. But unlike the last four years, it won’t be a continuous trip… likely just a 2-4 week span, perhaps once or twice a year as I transit in between Thailand and Mexico.

So, this also means my blog is going to be much, much quieter than it’s been since 2004. I’ll still write here but other than just talking about how happy I am in Acapulco, and my usual social/political rantings, there won’t be a lot.

It’s the end of an era.

One other thing I should mention is that I decided not to adopt that little girl in Thailand. It really was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make but I felt it was more important to ground myself here in Mexico for a while and find my new life than to return to Thailand at this time. If anyone is interested in adopting THE cutest and happiest little 6 month old Thai baby girl PLEASE let me know. I am still trying to find this little girl a home. If I still haven’t found one for her by December, when I likely will return to Thailand, who knows, maybe I will adopt her then.


And now, onto the social/economic/political portion of the blog. If you’ve been reading here or listening to what I’ve been saying for the last three years then you likely realize that all of the things I’ve been predicting are ALL happening RIGHT NOW.

I had been predicting a greater depression including complete financial system failure, currency crashes and famines.

Guess what, it’s here! And it’s only just beginning.

I say this with ALL seriousness: If you don’t want the next year or two to be too terrible YOU MUST do the following:

-Keep a MINIMUM of 1-2 months worth of non-perishable food in your house
-Keep a MINIMUM of 1-2 months worth of spending cash in your house
-Sell ALL stocks except for gold, silver, oil, natural gas, uranium, coal and agriculture stocks
-If you don’t already own some gold, silver, oil, natural gas, uranium, coal and agriculture stocks now is an EXCELLENT time to buy… they’ve all been hit hard by panic, forced hedge fund selling
-BUY at least a few gold or silver coins and keep in your house
-Convert at least 20% of your liquid assets into physical gold (try to keep most of it in your house if possible… also places like bullionvault.com and goldmoney.com are very good)

You may also want to consider purchasing a firearm.

And don’t wait to do it. Things are right on the precipice as I write this. A few more days like we’ve had over the last few weeks and it is game over.

It took longer than I expected to begin but it is now all happening much faster than I expected! We are literally on the verge of complete systemic financial failure. That would mean 90% of banks would all go under… US interest rates would likely skyrocket and the dollar would collapse, but so would most other currencies at the same time as the only thing backing them are their “US dollar reserves�.

This will lead to a period of complete chaos. Grocery stores will be empty within days… the entire economic system would grind to a halt… and for a period of time things will be at a standstill, until new currencies, backed by gold (Russia and China are already in the process of doing this) are issued and the economic system starts working again.

It is possible that this might not happen… all countries of the world could go into massive hyperinflation in order to stem the losses from the huge credit bubble and massive debt. This is what they are trying to do now with all these bailouts. But even if the system doesn’t collapse because of hyperinflation, a lot of these bad things will happen… just look at Zimbabwe’s current hyperinflation… it’s not a fun time.

It’s possible we could still be a few months away from this all collapsing. But it’s also completely possible it could start tomorrow. You do not want to be stuck with no cash and no food at a time when the ATMs go dark and the grocery stores are empty. And if you want to get through this and be one of the few wealthy people left in the world, buy gold NOW.

As a sidenote, I can only watch the news and the people in the government and the media talking about this meltdown for a few moments at a time… otherwise I will feel the need to car bomb them all! If you listen to them they ALL blame this whole problem on the markets being TOO FREE and TOO UNREGULATED!! Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason it is all collapsing is because the entire financial system of the world is an artificial system based upon fiat currencies. A fiat currency is a currency that you are FORCED to use by your government and has NOTHING backing it. All those dollars in your pocket have an intrinsic value of zero (or whatever small scraps of pieces of paper are worth). As well, the banking system is completely artificial as well. The central bank (Federal Reserve in the US) decides how much money the banks can counterfeit (print… for loans). In a real system the bank would ONLY be able to loan out a small percentage of the total amount of money on deposit. But in this artificial world they can loan out 900% more than they have on deposit. THIS is why the whole thing can and will collapse. It is a completely artificial non-free market system based on huge amounts of leverage and an ever expanding increase in the supply of money.

SADLY, once again, most people are completely ignorant of the truth and this failure of the artificial system should have most people clamoring to use REAL money (gold) and have a truly free market economy… but instead, it appears they will opt for the exact opposite. Which will only make it even worse the next time around. Really, buy a gun.

As an interesting personal note, a big part of the reason I took off in 2004 to travel the world was that I felt that we didn’t have too much longer before the world would enter into some major troubles, including peak oil and the financial collapse, which would make doing any traveling very hard if not impossible for a number of years. So, it is kind of funny, for me, that I have wrapped up my world tour right at the moment when the coming collapse and depression just began. Looks like I timed that one pretty good!

But no matter how bad things might get I look out my window and it is 33c and sunny every day and the natural beauty of Acapulco is there every day… and all those beautiful Mexicanas will still be there. So, the rock band R.E.M. may have been quite prescient. Because, as I wrote above, it’s the end of the world as we know it….. and I feel fine!