The only place worse…

Many of you, by now, have read my rant on Camerica. Well, after my 3rd or 4th unsuccessful trip into Western Europe, I have to admit that the ONLY place worse, in the world, than Camerica, is Western Europe.

Camerica and Western Europe are very different on the face of things… there are things about W. Europe I like, such as how so many people in Amsterdam all ride bicycles, which I consider to be much more at one with the energy of the planet than are automobiles.

HOWEVER, the nightlife here in Amsterdam is beyond horrific.

Again, in some ways, it is cool… it was especially nice to roll into almost any cafe and be able to order marijuana… the drug which is the least harmful and least addictive of any drug, including tobacco, caffeine and alcohol.

However, that was not enough to outweigh the fact that there were about 10 guys to every girl here… and every disco was terrible….

After spending 7 or 8 hours in this city, I never saw one attractive person.. the canals are cool.. being close to water is very wholesome, but it still wasn’t enough to cancel out the ultra-negative vibes here.

The over-regulation here is beyond suppressive… there are laws on top of laws… there is a government mandated point system in order to rent an apartment… certain people fit into certain ranges and thereby qualifies them for certain specific rents… the whole system is unbelievable…

And I tried to catch a cab 3 times, and each time a policeman pulled up and instructed the cab driver to eject me, because I had not hailed the cab in a properly designated area… Each time I got out and told the police exactly what I thought of their police state, even ending up in pushing matches a few times… sigh. As pathetic as they were, they still got their way…

The end result is that I had booked in Amsterdam for 3 nights but am now looking for flights out tomorrow (Sunday).

One of my inspirations, Doug Casey, says that W. Europe is essentially a petting zoo which will likely be the supplier of houseboys and gardeners to Asians over the coming decades… as usual, he is probably right.

I am looking for flights to Eastern Europe as I write this and hope to be there tomorrow… as for W. Europe… thanks but no thanks! Once again I have attempted and yet again, I have declined!

I just hope not many people read my blog and figure out how good Asia and Latin Am are and end up ruining those places too… so keep it quiet!