Time to Split… off to Bulgaria

Well, it’s time to Split… I am at the airport in Split, on my way to Bratislava. Upon arrival in Bratislava I have another flight booked to Bourgas (Sunny Beach), Bulgaria.

But the flight is only 20 minutes after my scheduled arrival, so I am not sure if I am going to make that flight or not. If not, I may just look for the next flight out to a sunny, Black Sea destination and head there.

In the meantime, here are my final thoughts on Split and Croatia.

Croatia is an interesting place. I am sad I could not visit some of the neighboring areas around here too on this leg, such as Serbia, Albania, Slovenia etc… They all seem to be recovering quite well from the fall of Yugoslavia and subsequent wars and it seems like a time of renewal here.

Everything is relatively new and modern (likely due to the fact that a lot of stuff in the 90’s was burned to the ground). The people seem fairly nice… and they know how to have fun. I was in a small town called Zadar for the first few days… the population there is a few hundred thousand, yet it had night clubs that held thousands of people, and they were packed. The nightlife vibe was pretty good there.

I then went about 150 kilometers south to Split where I stayed at Le Meridian Hotel, not out of choice but because it was the only hotel in the whole city that had rooms… The hotel was very nice, right on the water, with excellent gym and pool facilities and is modern and nice and new… however, I don’t know if it was just my room or not, but I had the kind of room that has a door (locked) connecting to another room… well, the door must have been made out of paper or something, I heard every snore, grunt and even breath the two guys next door were doing… after 4 nights of that I felt like I had an intimate relationship with them… I’m not what the one guys deal was, but every night he would wake up at 4 and start grunting and sometimes even yelling… SUPER!

The main nightlife area in Split is called Bacvice, which has entire complex of clubs and discos… it is not too bad there. There is also a place a bit further away called Vanilla that was just packed both time I went… they also have a club there called Tres Toros which is a huge afterhours… as per Zadar, Croatians really enjoy nightlife, bigtime!

The only thing that wasn’t so great was that the girls there weren’t that open to quickly getting to know a new guy… they seemed almost shocked if I suggested we go to my hotel or something… although 3 cute girls drove me around one night to show me around…

So, that being the case, I heard about this Sunny Beach place on the Black Sea in Bulgaria and decided to make a run for it… especially because I dreaded another night getting cozy with my neighbors… considering I was paying $300 USD per night it would have been nice not to feel like I was living in a hostel!

Nonetheless, Croatia was enjoyable… if you are looking for a European vacation in the summertime, definitely consider it… it’s nowhere near as hot and humid as places like Italy and way more laid back with fairly reasonable prices (except for taxis, which were almost ludicrously expensive… definitely worth it there to rent a car if you need to get around). Although it is starting to get a lot more expensive than it used to be (from what I hear) as a lot of people seem to be discovering it now.

I’ll update you soon on where I end up today.

*note: i did make it to Bulgaria… update from Sunny Beach soon