I still love Bangkok

Everyone, whether they realize it or not, has a place in the world where everything just fits for them… from the moment they arrive there, everything always goes perfectly… well, for me, it is unquestionably Thailand.

I can’t even fully explain it… but if I even spend a week or two in Camerica or Weurope my skin starts to look bad… I feel unwell… I start to look and feel old… I am always in a bad mood… there are always problems and nothing seems to work out well… But within days of arrival in Thailand, I look 10 years younger… I feel like a million bucks… and everything just seems to work like clockwork.

I have pretty much decided I will always partially reside in Thailand (or at least as long as this place remains my utopia)… likely spending approximately half the year in LatinAm and the other half in and around Thailand, with travel destinations such as Africa in between.

It appears my most recent stop in Thailand may be short-lived, however… a bit of a family emergency has popped up and I may have to leave on a moments notice to Canada. i will likely spend some time there and then go to the caribbean, Mexico and Panama through September and October.

In the meantime, here is one of the non-stop interesting moments in Thailand for your amusement:

-We went to Jane’s hometown as her mother is sick and in the hospital. While we were there, her father asked her something in Thai… something seemed to concern him… I asked her what’s wrong and she said he told her he is scared to go in the elevator by himself because he doesn’t know how it works. Jane gave him a 1-2 minute education on the elevator, with him asking questions like, “how do I open the door when it gets to the floor I want?” and “how do I know when I am at my floor?”. lol.


And finally, some pics… Take a look at the first two pics… the girl on the right is TOTALLY in love with Jane… she would do anything to be with Jane, but Jane doesn’t like her much… the funny part is, this is almost always how I see them when they are together… the girl on the right will always try to kiss Jane and Jane always winces and pushes her away… on a side note, nearly EVERY girl I know wants to kiss Jane… I don’t know what it is… girls just love her… well, guys too… but I’m amazed how many heterosexual girls go crazy over her. Anyway here are the pics:

The before pic of Jane and the girls
The after pic – WHEN GIRLS ATTACK!
Me being the usual virus with some other girls