Hip Hop is Dead

Rap died in 1989. Want proof?

Here are the top 5 most identifiable moments when rap died:

1. Corky the retard from the 80s show “Life Goes On” raps Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”

2. The 1989 episode of Teen Witch with their rendition of “I’m Hot”

3. Hitting close to home, here is the Jeff Steel Crew, with 1989s “Dig This Hype”

4. This happened in 2003, but it still qualifies. I was living in Santa Monica, CA, and was walking down the boardwalk when some young mulato teens approached a 60 year old white woman and asked, “Would you like to buy some hip hop?”, to which she replied, “Yes, I love the hip hop!”

5. This one’s too easy, Vanilla Ice’s, “Ice Ice Baby”