Punch Buggy Deathmatch!

Do you love playing the punch buggy punching game? If so, the best of the best punch buggy players have to be in Acapulco. Every taxi here is a VW Bug, and there are literally thousands of them… at any given time you probably will see at least 10 or 20.

While I am not sure of the murder rate in Acapulco, I speculate that a significant percentage of murders here come as a result of heated Punch Buggy Bloodsport!

As for me, I have abstained from playing the punch buggy game as it is simply just too dangerous in this city.

In other news, the marina here told me that they are full and would like me to leave by February 1st so I will likely start heading south then… if anyone is interested in joining me lemme know and I will keep you up to date on my itinerary.