Detoxin’, the medical “system” and hitting the road again

I spent the last week detoxing at the Atsumi Healing Centre in Phuket. Upon telling a few people this, the most common response was, “why, are you sick?�… which is quite typical of western culture. In the West, the only time you worry about your health is AFTER you get sick, which is totally backward.

95%+ of all health problems people have are completely avoidable just by living a healthier lifestyle. We are subjected to a number of toxins in the air we breathe and the food and drink we ingest (unless you only eat raw organic fruits and vegetables) which need to be regularly cleansed. By simply detoxifying your body on a fairly regular basis, you can proactively get rid of the source of the great majority of health problems.

When it comes to health, no other organ is more important than the liver and thereafter, the colon.

Disease almost always originates in the colon, because when it is overloaded with toxins on a regular basis, those toxins seep into the bloodstream and lymph, eventually settling into weaker areas of the body. The body deliberately stores toxins in fat cells for safekeeping, but when too much builds up in one area, cancer or other serious diseases can develop. The name of the disease depends upon where the poisons settle. In women, one of the largest areas of fat is found in breast tissue—this is why breast cancer is so prevalent. If you understand this one concept—that most disease originates from a dirty colon (and wrong diet)—you’ll understand more about the cause of degenerative disease than most of the western medical community.

As example of bizarre western medical practice, upon catching a cold, or the flu, in the West, many people take cold or flu medication to help slow or stop the symptoms of the cold or flu… but this is EXACTLY the wrong thing to do. When you have a cold or a flu your body is trying to rid itself of toxins… in the case of the flu, for example, it is trying to burn them out. By stopping this process you are actually doing the worst thing possible and keeping the toxins in your body. This alone over time can build up into major disease.

In fact, it’s pretty much safe to say that the whole medical profession as it pertains to health in the West is a joke… instead of understanding how disease develops and being more proactive with patients to teach them how not to become so toxic in the first place, most doctors in the west just wait until you are gravely ill and then prescribe you chemicals to help you feel better or just cut out the affected parts… it is pretty much a useless system.

But I digress.

My stay at Atsumi was great. Not only do I feel much better than I have felt in a long time but I learned a number of new habits and concepts for diet and exercise which I hope to incorporate into my daily life.

Many of you know I was a vegetarian for about 7 years after which I became a complete carnivore, practically ONLY eating meat for the last few years. I found that vegetarianism alone was not a perfect diet for me. And I also know that living a more Atkins style diet isn’t the healthiest approach either (it is great to lose weight but not great for your colon, liver etc).

At Atsumi, I was on a raw food ‘fast’… which basically meant all I ate was raw fruits and vegetables. I found it to be very nice and am trying to eat a great majority of my food now in only raw food.

As well, I did many other things including daily colemas, yoga and liver flushes.

All in all, I am really glad I went and intend to go back soon to do a full fast (likely for 7 days). I feel more grounded than I have felt in a long time. And all those bad habits I have picked up over time (drinking too much… bad nutrition etc) seem to have subsided greatly because my body is feeling so clean and good right now.

I highly recommend it for anyone… and Atsumi in particular… it was very nice and the people were great.

After Jane and I detoxed, Jane took her PADI scuba diving course then we went scuba diving in Phuket, which was very nice.

We then had some time to catch up with some friends. Jane’s friend recently had a baby with a farang guy from Canada… they are living in Phuket now… I have to say, I admire this guy’s lifestyle… he is totally easy going… first of all, he named his kid Heineken (Nicky for short), because that’s his favorite beer… that should tell you something! He cruises around Phuket on his motorbike with his kid in a front-backpack and his gf doubling behind him… even when he wants to come out and have a drink and play some pool, he’s got the kid in a backpack on his back while doing it… Here is a pic.

On to other topics… my Thai 30 day visa expires again in 2 days… I want to get to Canada and the Caribbean in the next month or two, so I had a decision to make… start heading East or West? I decided to head West and do a ‘stan tour (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc) and then finish up some areas of the Middle East I’ve missed, like Iran and Syria… I was just about to book the trip when one of my friends notified me that it is again that time of the year, Ramadan! I was so close to actually booking a flight to Bahrain again… which if you have been following my antics, I did exactly a year ago, during the last Ramadan…. No eating and no drinking alcohol is fine if you are detoxing… but I just finished doing that… I wanna eat and have some drinks!

So, I again looked Eastward… Some people in Taipei, the last time I was there, told me that southern Taiwan has some beautiful beach areas, so I am thinking about heading that way… then maybe up to Seoul, then over to Canada, in the next few weeks.

Tune in soon to find out where I ended up.