The embodiment of evil??

I’m in Taichung, and I will have comments on the weirdness here soon… but in the meantime, I couldn’t resist ranting:

First of all, I don’t believe in “evil”… all humans are generally born good.. but some have chemical/psychological imbalances that make them do things most people can’t understand.

But in the biblical sense of evil, no such thing exists. So, when George Dubbyah Bush read off the sheet of paper supplied to him by his speech makers, stating that there is an axis of evil, including Iran, Iraq and North Korea, I could barely hold in my indignation.

Not that “Lil’ Kim”, Kim Jong Il, isn’t a warped, pathetic, cowardly, sick bastard, but he’s not evil… he wasn’t born that way. He was born into a warped system… practically a biosphere, really, extending to the northern half of the Korean peninsula, provided to him from his equally deluded, psychopathic father.

Anyway, the whole lead up to this routes back to George Dubbyah… he is actually just an idiot talking-piece, the same as Greenspan and other puppets, but if you want to talk about evil, how close to evil is this:

The U.S. political system has to be one of the most fuxored systems ever created. From electoral colleges to straw polls, the whole thing is just an embarrassing mess. And, more so, it is so bizarre that the whole system is at the whim of the President. All 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 senators, as bottom-feeding, corrupt and sold-out as they are, are completely at the mercy of the President.

So, when I saw the headline today that Bush had used his 3rd veto, and it was to stop funding medical care for children, I couldn’t help but laugh…. but in a cryingly way.

Most presidents use their self-centered, pathetic veto power often, but Bush used it less than any president in modern history … he didn’t even use it at all in his first term. But he has now used it three times (compare that to Grover Cleveland’s 304 vetoes!). No, it wasn’t to stop the despicable use of fiat money and young men and women to occupy foreign lands. No it wasn’t to stop the transfer of wealth from poor working class people to bankers and the rich…

Here were the three times he was so aroused with fury (or shoved in the back by his handlers) that he had to do something:

1. Stem cell research – in other words, he was against the use of the scientific examination of basic units of biology in order to stop possible massive human pain and death

2. Troop withdrawal – read: he was against pulling out tens of thousands of mercenaries from occupying a state thousands of miles away and embroiled in massive turmoil and human suffering that hasn’t been seen on this scale in decades

3. And now, in his 3rd almighty usage of the veto power, he was so angered by the attempt to supply health care to children he just had to do something. (fyi, I dislike ALL centralized, non free-market attempts at anything, so in a bizarre way I am with Dubbyah on this one… although I would have vetoed EVERY SINGLE BILL FROM CONGRESS OVER THE LAST 7 YEARS ALSO…. and would have also attempted to overthrow the entire U.S. government.. but hey, that’s just me).

So, from a guy, Dubbyah, who says that there are 3 evil nations on earth, the only time he did anything to affect his nation was to stop the alleviation of human suffering, to continue empirical occupation and death-squads and to stop the eradication of sickness in children??!! (By the way, this is in no way a political promotion of the Democrats… if you think that it is you have been living in the neo-nazi.. sorry… neo-conservative state of America for too long)

All I can hope for is to catch Dubbyah one day alone in a room long enough for me to beat him senseless. And yes, that is a direct threat. Come and find me Homeland Security, and the CIA, and FBI and all of the arms of the American Offense.. sorry.. American Defense system. In fact, I have no doubt that if I were masochistic enough to turn on Fox News later today, it will have a flashing “ALERT!” graphic stating that there is a heightened threat level due to intercepted “terrorist chatter”.

I better hit the road before the black helicopters show up. Until next time!