Oh Coddled Canada

You know it’s coming. Berwick was in Canada again… here comes the rant. And you are correct, sir!

But, before I begin, allow me to mention that I barely lasted a week in Canada before I snapped and grabbed a 6:55am, 3 connection, 10 hour total flight to Acapulco where I am now VERY VERY happily basking in the sun, eating tacos and visiting with some beautiful Mexicanas I had met prior. I’ll likely hit Cuba and Dominican Republic in the next few weeks though, so stay tuned…

Ok, and now back to my Canada bashing:

I spent the last week or so in Vancouver and Edmonton where I was treated to freezing rain on the Coast and arrived to balmy -5c, blustery early October weather in Edmonton.

The more time I spend away from Canada allows me to see more clearly what a screwed up place it is. It is really like going to the Soviet Union in the 80s or something, it is so oppressingly socialist… but the worst part is, no one there seems to notice it… they actually think they live in a bastion of free markets and liberty. The only difference between the old Soviet era and today’s Canada is the exchanging of the old furry Russian Ushanka hat and overcoat for an Edmonton Oilers baseball hat and a pickup truck.

As example, quite a few people asked me what I do… I mentioned to them that I don’t live in Canada anymore and basically travel around. EVERY single person then asked me, and they were serious, “did you win the lottery??�.

If you are from Canada you may not even be able to see the humor in that. But, basically, all people in Canada are “educated� in the STATE run “education� system to think that the only way to live and survive is as an employee (more often that not in Canada, as a civil “servant� too). Thoughts of entrepreneurialism still barely scratch the surface of the national brain pool… in fact, if you pay attention, you’ll notice that most small businesses are run by immigrants who are quite a bit further along the curve in terms of being able to think freely, mainly because they were not, thankfully, coddled into an organized system of welfare where people look to the state for nurturing. Nor is their main source of news and information supplied to them from the STATE information agency, named Pravda in the formerly communist USSR, and named CBC in Canada.

But, that is not even the whole reason why I think the lottery question is so insightful. The reason is that the great majority of Canadians appear to think that the ONLY way to have any sort of personal freedom is if the STATE controlled lottery corporation so miraculously picks them from the frozen, slaving masses.

As another example of the thought process in Canada, as I happily exited the country, the lead story of the newspaper I was reading was about a situation where a woman was killed by some kids who were street racing. I hate to use this as an example as the story is truly tragic, but the comments from the husband of the deceased woman are just so indicative of the Canadian mindset. The quote, emblazoned across the front of the national newspaper stated, “I want to ask our Premier and John Tory and Howard Hampton: What are they going to do about this?�.

As though the politicians are the overseers of all life in the country and anything that happens to anyone must be dealt with by the overseeing officials!? What is it exactly he wants them to do, anyway? Certainly he doesn’t think they have the power to revive his wife… so, then what? Some politicians were quoted as saying that they will stop at nothing to find all potential street racers and stop them before they start?!? So, in essence, the government is saying that adolescent teens who are full of hormones and stupidity must be stopped before they do things they want to do. Good luck with that! But I’m sure hundreds of millions will be spent on the crackdown.

It is sad and unfortunate that there are tragedies in life, sometimes caused by reckless individuals. That’s it, the end. Anyone trying to use the STATE to try to stop young boys from being young boys is mentally deluded. Ergo, most Canadians.

I used to rag on Americans a lot more than Canadians, but that gap is decidedly narrowing now. Sure, America is controlled by big business and bankers who make money off of war (again, not to the discredit of business and bankers, but the scourge of government is again the culprit) while most boobus americanus’ sit at their tv’s swilling Budweiser and are completely preoccupied with American football. But Canada ain’t all that different… Canada is like America’s super-socialist, snarky little brother.

The more I see Canadians, at home and abroad, the less I like them. As example, numerous times in the last few months I have been on a plane somewhere around the world and heard totally ignorant things said by really fat, pasty people and quickly wrote it off that they must obviously be Americans. However, in almost every case, I later found out that they were all Canadians.

But even worse, I have overheard numerous Canadians abroad all natter about how bad the US is, which I’d happily agree with, until they start talking about Canada like it is some perfect nation. What??!! And they drone on about it like they are the only smart people who have figured things out and everyone else is so stupid. I used to hear that a lot from Americans how they dislike Canadians because they always like to think and act that they are so smart… now I understand. You really want to just punch them in the head.

Meanwhile, while driving along in Edmonton, tuned in to the local radio station, a caller chimed in, “I’d like to request XXX song… and I’d also like to say I’m a proud Canadian, and give the best to the troops fightin’ over in Eye-Raq… sorry, Afghanistan�.

There are so many things that are despicable with what that caller said it is hard to know where to begin. But, it just goes to show that Canadians have been coddled into becoming ignorant patriots… not much different than Americans, except for the snooty, ‘better than you’ attitude… which probably comes from the French side!

Again, don’t get me wrong… almost every country in the world today sucks. They all are dumbing down their populations and are inspiring disgusting ‘patriotism’ through propaganda to try separate people of the world, spawning xenophobia and hatred and all have varying levels of socialism and welfare-states that are all sucking the life blood out of productive assets and the people themselves while lying to them and telling them they are all better off for it.

But if I have the choice (and don’t tell me I am lucky to have been given the choice… I am perfectly happy to fight for my own freedom, thank you. I don’t need anyone else to do it for me, in practice or in reality) between putting up with socialist, ignorant police-states in a frozen, barren wasteland like Canada, or on the beaches of Acapulco or Koh Samui… well, you know which choice I have already made there!

**Fight government. Fight democracy. There are very few things less repugnant and despicable than the act of ‘voting’ for something to enforce your own personal views and preferences on others at the point of a hired gun while extorting money from them in order to do so… which, by the way, is the definition of democracy. Never vote. Imprison or kill all politicians (except Ron Paul… please watch this video on Ron Paul to see possibly one of the only hopes for a happy, healthy planet in the coming years ).