I better get outta town

In a bit less than a week in Acapulco my hotel room is riddled with napkins and other odd scraps of paper emblazoned with phone numbers and names like Karla, Angelica, Alexia… my Mexican cell phone is ringing off the hook so much I have decided to turn it off… and one cute little 18 year old whose name I can’t even remember told me she loves me and asked me to give her a baby!!!??

Yup, I better split outta town before this gets too outta control!

So, in the morning I am going to Cancun for 2 days.

After that I should be in Cuba and then the Dominican Republic.

As you may have noticed, from reading my blog, I have become a bit schizophrenic. One week I talk about retiring from the traveling life, the next week I draw up huge world travel plans, and then the week after that I change all the plans completely.

Well, this week I am back on my giant world travel plan kick. It happens when I just decide to go to one or two places and then I look at a map and think, well, if I am going to be there, I’m only a short flight or boat away from XXXX country… then I look at the map again and think the same about the country neighboring it. Before I know it, I have a crazy itinerary.

I am shy to post this, because I have posted similar travel plans in the past and, while I do usually end up getting there eventually, I haven’t even come close to sticking to the plan in the past.

Ahh well, for your enjoyment, here is a really rough, general plan that I am going to try to do over the coming months. The first few entries (Cancun, Havana, Santo Domingo and Denver) are pretty much guaranteed, but after that, I will likely just follow the vibe, as always.

In closing, on Acapulco, if you come here… the top 3 sorta ‘lounges’ to go for a drink prior to heading out for the evening are Mango’s, Level (with a stunning bartendress named Karla) and Puntos (with numerous beautiful waitresses, including mi favorito, Alexia). Also, if you want to go to a strip club, avoid Tabares Uno… that is a tourist trap… go to Tabares Dos, it is 99.9% locals and is a million times better, and cheaper, than Tabares Uno.

And with that, I bid adios once again to wonderful Acapulco.

Here is the highly tentative rough travel plan ahead:

Oct 14-16 Cancun
Oct 16-21 Havana
Oct 21-25 Dominican Republic
Oct 25-26 Denver, Colorado
Oct 26-Oct 28 Houston
Oct 28-Nov3 Belize City
Nov 3-6 Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Nov 6-10 Managua, Nicaragua
Nov 10-13 Panama
Nov 13-18 Cartagena, Colombia
Nov 18-20 Aruba
Nov 20-24 Caracas, Venezuela
Nov 24-27 Trinidad & Tobago
Nov 27-30 Barbados
Nov 29-Dec 1 St. Maarten
Dec 1-Dec 5 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Dec 5-7 Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Dec 7-12 Jamaica
Dec 13-15 Monterrey, Mexico
Dec 15-17 Los Angeles
Dec 18-22 Vancouver
Dec 22-25 Osaka
Dec 25-Jan 2 Boracay
Jan 3-13 Melbourne – Aussie Millions Poker Tournament
Jan 13-16 Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea
Jan 16-21 Guam
Jan 21-Feb5 Various Micronesia islands (Truk, Yap, Palau etc)
Feb 5-Mar 4 Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket)
Mar 4-9 Laos
Mar 10-Apr 9 Thailand
Apr 9-Apr 11 Brunei
Apr 11-May 10 Thailand
May 10-May 16 Kgryzstan
May 16-21 Tajikistan
May 21-26 Turkmenistan
May 26-June 1 Uzbekistan
June 1-June 8 Kazakhstan
June 8-14 Azerbaijan
June 14-19 Georgia
June 19-26 Ukraine
June 26-30 Belarus
June 30-July 7 Lithuania
July 7-14 Latvia
July 14-21 Estonia
July 21-24 Helsinki, Finland
July 24-30 Poland
July 30-Aug 3 Denmark
Aug 3-7 Oslo, Norway
Aug 7-12 Belgium
Aug 12-??? ??? Africa?