Bali Nightlife Upgrade

My return trips to Jakarta and Bali have both been better than my initial experience. My trip to Jakarta was much nicer than last time and my second trip to Bali has been nicer as well.

After spending a week in Bali I am upgrading my rating of its nightlife from “atrocious” to “ok”.

It still doesn’t compare at all to Phuket or Koh Samui, imo, but it didn’t seem quite as bad this time around.

All the nightlife is all within a 200 meter radius of the Bounty Nightclub on Kuta Pelang. There are a few semi-cool lounge places near Bounty if you want to avoid the drunken Aussie mosh-pits… I forget the names of them, but there are two lounge spots, that are both 4 stories high… the first few floors may be completely empty but don’t let that stop you, the best spots are on the top floor, both open air venues. One plays pretty good house music, if you are into that, and has shisha.

There appeared to be a few more Indonesian girls around this week as compared to my last trip, which was good.

The food in Bali is quite good too… I forget the name, but there is a cafe on the main shopping street in Kuta Square that is great… you’ll see it, it is always full of people. Try the Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) and any of the pasta there… also the Macarroni Restaurant near Bounty nightclub has good food… as does Sails, the seafood restaurant near the Hard Rock.

And, again, I recommend the Hard Rock Hotel… the pool is fantastic…. the food is pretty good too.

That’s it… I leave for Sydney tonight.