I know many of you are tired of my rants… I understand. However, I am going to tell you one last time what kind of a weird, bizarro world you live in.

Whenever I come to Camerica… it’s like the record scratches… time stops… I feel suicidal… I turn on the radio and it is either some country singer singing about how she lost her job and her husband cheats on her and her dog is dead or it is some talk-radio station talking about how they need centralized legislation to try to stop people from having fun, drinking, doing drugs, driving fast, having sex or what not.

If you are unhappy and you live in Camerica, let me tell you this: GO to either latin America or Asia, ASAP, before you die a slow death.

Camerica… and W Europe, and Australia are purgatory.

It is only due to the deep powder and the nice hot showers here in Whistler that I am even able to keep civil for a few days.

You have NO idea how bad this place is until you leave it.

I will likely rant again, but this is my last ran for a while, as I soon leave for LA to play in some poker tourneys and then on to the blue skies and good vibes of Mexico and the Caribbean.

If you choose to stay in Camerica, good luck to you. You are the forsaken. I can do no more for you.