L.A. Revisited

I haven’t been in LA since I sailed off on my sailboat in 2004 and have only been here for a day, so far, but it has been quite enjoyable.

L.A., generally, sucks, but compared to Vancouver, it actually seems idyllic. But that is more of a comment on horrible Vancouver than it is on L.A.

I arrived at 5pm and spent an hour sitting in traffic heading out to Hollywood and then slept from 7-11pm before heading out to my buddy, Suk’s, new nightclubs, Opera & Crimson.

Suk, for those of you who don’t know him, is one of the nicest, coolest guys in the world… and he also happens to be the biggest club promoter in Hollywood, which has it’s side benefits! I quickly bypassed the block-long line and was given a tour of the establishment along with complimentary beverages. It still boggles my mind that almost anywhere in the world I am treated as a VIP, except for Vancouver (except equally horrible Australia and England). It’s nice to be treated with a bit of respect sometimes!

One thing I have remembered, since I’ve been here, is how enjoyable the climate is. It probably is one of the best climates in the world, if not the best. Almost every day is 22-30c and sunny… rarely too hot and very rarely too cold. I enjoy Thailand and Mexico’s climates as well, but their sun usually comes with an intense burning feeling which is best utilized poolside and not whilst walking about.

I’m off to the Commerce casino in an hour to play in some World Poker Tour tourneys… we’ll see how that goes. But the accommodations and overall vibe so far have been very nice here, so, even if poker doesn’t go especially well, I may hang around here for a bit (a bit, in Berwick-ese, is about 4-8 days). Plus the devalued American Dollar makes things even nicer.

But, being surrounded by a plethora of latina beauties in Cali has me pining a bit to get back to Mexico… my second favorite paradise on this planet. Tacos and latinas, ay mami! We’ll see how long I last here. But so far, so good. It definitely beats Soviet Canuckistan.