La La

I’m still in LA but thought I would make a few observations to further litter the internet.

First, I had NO idea what a mecca of poker LA is… I used to live here, in 2003/2004 but I didn’t play poker back then so never noticed. But this area is home to some huge poker rooms. In fact, I heard that there are more poker tables here than anywhere else in the world, including Vegas.

I’ve been playing the last few days at the Commerce Casino. It is massive. It is such a difference from communist Australia, where the only government-mandated poker room in all of Sydney is at the Star City Casino… and there are about 15 tables and a waiting list for each of the tables of at least 2-6 hours!!!

I walked up to the casino in Commerce and overlooked the never ending sprawl of poker tables and naively asked where I sign up for the waiting list. They just gave me a blank stare and asked me what I wanted to play. I told them and they started shouting out, “5-10… 5-10 no limit!”… all of a sudden, guys in suits around the room started waving their arms, telling me to come there for a seat. There is no such thing as waiting here! It is great! It’s the way it should be everywhere, but in most places, things are so over-regulated that they just never operate efficiently. Luckily, it appears, the US at least still appears to be a leader in this area… I’ve never seen anything like this.

I have only played in two tournaments so far and played very well in both but finished both just outside the money due to just pure bad luck. I was getting short-stacked on one tournament and had to go all-in… I went all-in pre-flop with A9… a stupid little idiot guy who had been playing terribly the whole tourney, but had been super lucky, sat for 2 minutes contemplating a call with his equal-sized chip stack. Finally he called… with Q-7?!?! Of course he got a Q… sigh. It’s okay though, I always judge my play on my calls and not how the cards work out in the end… and yet again, I had made the right call, only to hit some bad luck.

Aside from poker my only other comment is on the sheer amount of latinos here. Everyone knows that LA has a lot of Mexicans but in the last few days I would have to say that I feel like a definite minority. Half the radio stations are spanish and even most of the ones that are English have spanish-accented English speaking DJ’s!

Considering California was part of Mexico for a period of time and up to 1846 when the war-prone Americans took it over, it actually makes sense how many latinos are here.

I have numerous predictions and one of them is that most of the lower US will secede from the nation of America and either join Mexico or start up it’s own nation, likely sometime in the next 20 years, based on demographic and cultural shifts here. Which, by the way, is fine. If every country broke into 2-100 different independent areas it would be a lot better than most of these countries, with various highly marginalized groups all constantly battling each other to institute their own values and ideas on the other groups. In fact, when the US was started, it was meant to be that way… it was essentially 13 states (colonies) in 1787 that all joined under one banner (the UNITED STATES of America) in order to facilitate trade and ease of movement, but it was always designed to be highly independent states. That all changed over the years as various groups slowly took away all of the states power and consolidated it under one fascist national government which has become a complete disaster and is actually un-American.

Anyway, that’ll all unwind soon enough.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying my stay in California much more than I thought and a lot of it is because of the definite latino-centric style here… not to mention the multitude of Asians who have all migrated here, making for a really nice mix of people and cultures. When I lived here a few years ago I mainly stuck to Santa Monica and Hollywood… both heavily caucasian areas and hated it. In hindsight I would have likely been much happier in more latino-asian areas. Ah well, can’t change that now.

But seeing these vibrant and beautiful latinas around has me eager to get right into the heart of Mexico… I’ll likely take off on Wednesday or Thursday for either Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco… haven’t decided which one yet…

Til then….