I am definitely not adopted. Here is how I know… my Dad is (or at least was) known for his impatience and testosterone-fueled proclivity to just snap. For example, once, we were on a family roadtrip vacation in the Western US. We were in Seattle at the time and were looking for parking for a restaurant… my Dad circled the block once and couldn’t find a spot. He then circled the block again… still, no spots.

“That’s it!” he growled and sped off home. Home, by the way, was over 700 miles away in Edmonton.

Well… I was in LA, playing some poker and seeing some friends and having a nice enough time. I had only booked my hotel until Tuesday initially as I wasn’t sure how long I was going to stay. I decided I was going to stay a bit longer and called downstairs to reception and they told me the hotel was full after Tuesday, meaning I would have to switch hotels.

“That’s it!” I said to myself and immediately booked a flight to Acapulco.

Ahhhhhh. I love Mexico so much. And it is enhanced by the relief of getting out of LAX, one of the worst prison camps slash airports in the world. But even just arriving at the fairly crappy (at least in the old Terminal 1… the new Terminal 2 is very nice) Mexico City airport I was already in a good mood… and my mood was even better when I discovered a small little Taco Al Pastor shop I hadn’t noticed on prior stopovers.

Upon landing yet again in Acapulco and feeling that hot, ultra-humid tropical air that is unique to this region, I felt soothed and happy.

Within hours I was being chased around by some beautiful Mexicana girls who remembered me from my last trip here and I was back in heaven.

I think I’ll stay the week here, possibly looking at some condos as I love it here… and then probably move on to Puerto Vallarta where I have an invitation to stay at my broker’s friends 30,000 square foot (??!!!) villa… Tacos, latinas and villas… you won’t see me snapping anytime soon and booking a flight outta here.

Viva Mexico!