Well I did it

After years of living out of a backpack and having no fixed address I have actually bought a place… or, at least, I am putting in an offer on a place on Monday.

It took me years of traveling to figure out that the two places I LOVE to be are in Mexico and in Thailand. And both pretty much for the same reasons: the food, the girls, the weather, the freedom, the lifestyle.

And, I have now narrowed down my favorite cities/locales in Mexico & Thailand down to just a few spots… Bangkok, Acapulco, Phuket, Huatulco.

And since I now have that narrowed down I have been having thoughts of buying a small place in one or both countries and spending half the year living in one spot and half the year in another, with travels in between for enjoyment.

And so, today I called a realty agent about a condo that I actually first noticed on the internet a year ago. It sounded perfect for me and so I thought I’d take a look.

Well, what I saw was so perfect for me that I decided to make an offer on the place right then and there.

It was so much better than how they described it on the internet. Here are a few of the things they completely neglect to mention. It is THE penthouse of the building, all by itself… it is the entire top floor… and is so ultra-private that the elevators don’t even go there, as it basically IS the roof of the building. So you have to take the elevator to the top floor and then up a private staircase to even get to it. In the ad they mention it has a patio… that is a bit of an understatement! It is a massive patio that encompasses the entire top of the building… you could easily have a party for 50+ people on the patio alone… and it even has a built in custom stone hot-tub on the patio!!

The view is pretty much next-to-none ON THE PLANET. It is on the 20th floor, ON the beach, in the very middle of Acapulco Bay… the views, day and night, are literally ridiculous.

The building is very nice… has a definite Miami Beach modern feel to it and it has 2 huge swimming pools that are as nice as any I have ever seen at any hotel… and you can just walk straight out onto beautiful Acapulco beach from there. And the Acapulco golf & tennis club is LITERALLY across the street. I am 40 steps away from teeing off!!!! Also, just steps away are dozens of restaurants, bars and shops.

I intend to throw up two Star Choice satellite dishes (Canada’s Star Choice satellites have a footprint that extends down past Guatemala) which will give me full Canadian and US HDTV… will have 2 large flat screens and, of course, an Xbox and a huge sound system which I will also put out on the deck. I will also do some interior redesign to make it look super cool… and then I will sit at my penthouse, on Acapulco beach, watching NHL hockey in HD and playing Halo 3 on Xbox while sipping Modelo Especials, brought to me by a regular line-up of beautiful Mexicana chicas and eating Al Pastor tacos!!!!!

Can you sense I am excited?!

All my friends are always welcome to come down… and since I probably won’t even be there for half the year, each year, you can even have the place to yourself sometimes… This place is, seriously, the most pimpin apartment in Acapulco… I will very quickly become the king of Acapulco with all the riches that entails!

This is going to be ridiculous!