The Rollercoaster life of Berwick

Well… I just assumed that if a place was on the market, and had been for a year, and I made a decent offer on it, I would get it. If so, I assumed incorrectly!

It turns out the owners have decided to “deed it to their daughter” and therefore it is no longer for sale. That left only one question: what does their daughter look like? 😛

Whew, that was close! I very nearly settled down!

Actually, truth be told, after talking to my crazy Thai gf I was already looking at flights back to Bangkok and was considering putting off this purchase until after the summer anyway, as I began to feel very uncomfortable the last few days with the thought of staying in one place. Even staying here the last few days waiting to hear back on the offer had me feeling uncomfortable and constantly looking at airline schedules.

So… that is the end of my few-days of nearly being unhomeless. I will be off on the first flight out in the morning… to where? I dunno, maybe Managua.

I’ll likely continue on my before-planned journey, before hitting the Dominican in the next week or three to take care of some business and then will likely travel up through Camerica on my way back to Thailand and surroundings for April-May… unless something completely else happens!