Cartagena Againa

I had received an introduction to a local Cartagena chica from a friend and decided to go back to Cartagena and try it again, but this time with my own personal local tour guide.

In regards to Colombia, I like it quite a bit. It is definitely one of the better places in South America to have some fun and enjoy life. Bogota is quite chilly, being at very high altitude, but otherwise is a great city.

But one of the things I dislike is their government… surprise, surprise. It didn’t help that the wolves were amassing on both sides of their country but the amount of bag checks, dogs, military and triple-checking by the aforementioned is ridiculous. All this because a bunch of idiots, called FARC, cause trouble from time-to-time. Also, America’s horrendous, repugnant and idiotic “war on drugs� has infected Colombia. Instead of having huge, bountiful cash crops of coca plant, there is a huge underground economy and a lot of related violence as businessmen ply their farming trade.

The ignorance of the War on Drugs is unbelievable. America, of all places, should understand that in a free market, if ANYONE wants ANYTHING, it will be supplied. It is the miracle of capitalism. No one ever goes unsatisfied so long as they are willing to work or trade for the items they desire.

It is a beautiful, amazing system. Many millions of Americans desire mood enhancing or mood depressing substances and, through the magic of capitalism, it will ALWAYS be supplied to them. Whether those substances provide true value to those people is a purely personal question. It is not up to governments to ‘protect’ people from things which may or may not be of danger to them.

This is completely not even getting into the subject of what constitutes a drug. The name in itself is a complete misnomer as the great majority of ‘drugs’ are just plants. But a “War on Plants� sounds way less worth fighting.

Of course, caffeine, nicotine and one of the worst ‘drugs’ in the world, alcohol, are all the exact same thing.

But, like I said, I won’t even get into that. The fact is that America was once great because it really caught on to capitalism much more than most other regions. This created huge amounts of wealth. Unfortunately, the country is almost completely communist now, something which the state-educated populous doesn’t even seem to have noticed. But the point is, the war on drugs is a fight against freedom.

But to make it even worse, not only is America instituting this horrendous policy, but they are virtually forcing it upon the world.

And this gets back to my only gripe with Colombia. Rather than completely legalizing coca and becoming a wealthy region overnight, they have bought into it and hence, only a relative few gain all the wealth and the country is full of checkstops, militia and police. If it weren’t for this presence, the country would be great.

Their other ‘problem’ is their ongoing battle with FARC. Looking at a ‘wanted poster’ of FARC operatives, I noticed they all had beards. It made me think… most of the world’s stupidest and ignorant people have beards. Why is that? All the Islamic Fundamentalists… all the communists. Most college professors. Ben Bernanke. Hilary Clinton All beards.

Is it because they are more like unevolved monkeys than the rest of us? Perhaps.

Anyway, the problem with FARC is EASILY fixed, overnight. Give them their own land/country and let them go communist-crazy and see how that works out for them. It worked awesome for Cuba and the Soviet Union, so let them go for it. Or, better yet, just dissolve Colombia as a nation state in its entirety and just declare it a free zone. It would, within 2 years, become the wealthiest place in the world. That is, of course, if it weren’t completely taken over, by force, by the American neocon empire, or its neighbors, which would be highly likely as the great majority of people still do not understand that government is the problem, not the answer and instead of fighting them to the death they’d likely welcome them with open arms thankful that someone was there to “take care of them”. The whole world seems to have Stockholm Syndrome.

OK, *end rant*.

I arrived back in Cartagena and met up with this girl, named Teresa. She is a beautiful Colombian girl and is very nice. Here is a pic for those curious.

She also, apparently, fell deeply in love with me from the moment she saw me. LOL. That’s always nice, but you know, a lot of people want to be loved… but I never really cared about being loved. I actually would prefer it if no one loved me, nor even if they knew I existed. I think I’d be perfectly happy anonymously trekking through life.

But, I am serious, she was instantly in love with me from the get-go… and therefore wouldn’t even allow me to be out of her sight, for fear I may meet another girl. As you all know, I am not the kind of man who can limit himself to anything less than every hot girl on the planet, so this was burdensome. But it was fun none the less… the best quote from her was, “I don’t know what it is. When I look you, I feel I want to make love.” 😛

Having a local Carteganite to show me the city made a huge difference on my enjoyment of the place, of course. While it is also great to completely explore a new area on your own, with no assistance, there is something great about getting the inside scoop on everything from the get-go and bypassing many wasted taxi trips and cover charges to places that turn out to be lame.

And so, I have seen a new side of Cartagena, thanks to my adoring new amiga. First, I take back the ‘tranquilo’ statement, somewhat, from my previous commentary. There is at least 1 or 2 happening clubs on ANY given day of the week. I just managed to not find them on my last time through. Also, they are all open until 5am or later! I left the casino one night with my Colombian gf at 4am and she said to me, “Let’s go out.�… I was like, It’s 4am?! She no comprendes what was the problem and responded, “Entonces?�. I shrugged, “Nada. Vamos.�

In the old city, a place called Il Candila (or something like that) is packed every night. In El Laguito, right beside the Boca Grande area, there is a busy nightclub/disco that is full of working girls mostly, called Vida something. I forget the exact name. But it is right beside La Perla Casino.

La Perla also happens to have the only poker action in town. Most nights it will have one table going although it can be hit or miss on any given night. It also doesn’t start until quite late… rarely much before midnight. But the action is great. A few older ladies who play TERRIBLE and most of the others were not good at all. It was easy money.

And so, now that I know there is a decent nightlife. Plus there are numerous good restaurants (Da Pietro Italian restaurants was excellent)… plus some poker action. Plus I have an outstanding offer to stay as long as I want (she’d prefer forever) with a nice, local chica in her nice 2-level apartment, means I like Cartagena quite a bit more now.

Will I return? Not sure. But if I had to, I’d have no problem with it. The country itself has a lot of potential, imo, if they can rid themselves of their various stupid wars on drugs and communism.

Other than those wars the country is quite free… and inexpensive. As example, I bought a local SIM card in a matter of minutes, with no paperwork or anything (same as Thailand) for $5. Compare that to Australia where it will cost a minimum of $50-$75 and will take 10 minutes of paperwork… or even worse in Canada… and it’s not even possible in the land of the free, the USA. *sarcasm alert*: You want a temporary phone number without providing a passport, national ID card, employment references and proof of residency? Impossible! Where do you think you are, China? This is the land of the free, America! No phone for you.

I am on a plane right now en route to Aruba. I am going to stay in Aruba 2 nights and play some poker on my way to Puerto Rico and then the Dominican Republic.

I had a short stopover in Barranquilla. Upon arriving at the airport I noticed there were numerous beautiful girls around. One, in particular, had me slack jawed and confused. 6’ tall, slim and nicely toned, olive skin, stunning green eyes and muy linda. Also, Shakira, the only celebrity person I’ve ever wanted to meet, is originally from Barranquilla… I will definitely have to check out that area my next time in the neighborhood. Man, I almost feel like going back right now… that girl really was unique… sigh. Next time.

Next update from Aruba… stay tooned.