Life is a trip – Aruba continued

If you asked me a month ago, where I thought I might have the best time of all the places I was going to travel to (Nicaragua, Cartagena, Caracas, Curacao, Aruba), this would have been the order:

1. Cartagena
2. Caracas
3. Curacao
4. Aruba
5. Nicaragua

It turns out, as it almost always does, that the list is completely different. Here is how good of a time I had in each spot:

1. Aruba
2. Cartagena
3. Nicaragua
4. Caracas
5. Curacao

Furthermore, if you told me that the highlight of the entire trip would be meeting a white girl from Boston, of all places, in Aruba, I would have deemed you unfit for basic social activity!

But, and this is why life is a blast if you are open to letting it unfold in front of you, that is exactly what happened.

Similiar to my first real experience in Bangkok, everything that has happened in Aruba so far has been a wild ride.

For those who don’t follow all my shenanigans, in regards to my Thailand experience, I had initially booked a stopover for a Murray Head-esque one night in Bangkok three years ago. That night I met a girl who, only a few days later, left me bloody in a hotel (not as as bad as it sounds, I was mostly bloodied from her nail claw marks as she resisted me throwing her out of my hotel room, screaming, “PREAS!! PREASS!! I’M SOLLY!!! PREAS!!!!”) and I had to escape under the cover of darkness from the hotel from her. Three years later and that one night stopover in Bangkok, in which I expected I would not like it, has turned into my becoming a virtual half-resident in Bangkok and the world’s biggest promoter of Thailand! And that girl has been my girlfriend ever since! What an odd turn of events!

Well, I arrived in Aruba 5 days ago and initially only booked for 2 days. But my flight out was at 7:30am and I really didn’t feel like getting up. Plus, I really thought this place may be something quite special, so I decided to just ignore my flight and stay another day.

I LOVE nothing more than real connections with other people… most preferably beautiful girls. And while I have had my very fair share of countless wonderful and beautiful girls, including most recently in Cartagena, I hadn’t felt like I really had any sort of whirlwind romance that was a total connection, in a very long time. I’d come close a few times, but it never quite clicked. And I was beginning to think it may never happen again (isn’t that always when it happens! And it always happens in ways you could have never guess in a million years – read on).

So, I was in Aruba on the same day that I had missed my flight and it was Sunday night. I had gone out the prior night in Aruba and really had no luck making any sort of connection with anyone and I was really starting to feel sad about it.

But, being a trooper, I went out yet again in search of something.

It was Sunday night and things seemed very quiet everywhere. I walked past Senior Frogs once, and it looked very quiet. I was about to turn back and go to the hotel and I thought… why not, stop in for a drink… maybe it’ll help me feel a bit better about this lack of connections I’ve had in a long time.

That’s when it happened. I love these moments. They really only seem to happen about once every few years.. at most once or twice a year. So they are truly special. And some people only seem to have them once in a lifetime (likely because they are not open minded and don’t see the many potential connections because they limit themselves too much – “Oh, I don’t like black guys” or “I was told by the American Government Website to never spend time with a Mexican girl as they may be involved in crime” etc etc)

So, I walked in… my eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful girl. She had a lot of the things I like, in appearance… and she was unique looking. Really wavy/curly dark brown hair. Beautiful brown eyes and face… very attractive.

We locked eyes almost immediately. But right then this black guy she appeared to be with gave me the death stare. I looked skyward. Why… why!!

But upon returning my gaze back down she was right in front of me, striking up a convo.

I was actually confused for the first 30 seconds. A beautiful girl, who appears to have a bf of some type, approaching me almost instantaneously?? What’s the catch!

But after about 30-60 seconds I felt the heat. She was attracted to me too! It was the ultra rare, completely mutual attraction, on site!

As the conversation continued I began to like this girl more and more. A girl who isn’t shy to actually talk to someone?? This girl may actually have a soul, unlike the plethora of mainly Camerican and European girls who take some sort of strange pleasure out of making anyone who attempts to talk to them feel like garbage.

As we continued to talk I was beginning to become really aware of her accent… she was saying things like, “My maaathaaaaaaaa and my faaadaaaaaaa told me I couldn’t take the caaaaaaaaaa”… I was like, “Are you from Boston?!?!!!”

She was. The Boston accent is always funny to listen to, but it had gained an entirely new level of appeal coming out of the mouth of this lovely, vibrant girl.

She told me she was 19. I gulped. Oh man… I have NO problem with that, but I hope she doesn’t find out how old I am and get turned off. She asked me how old I was… I said guess… she said 28. I said, DEAD RIGHT!!! Good guess! 😛 As for her ethnic heritage, she is full Portugese. If this is how girls look in Portugal, I will be making a trip very soon!

As we talked more over the next few minutes I found myself even more attracted. She was young, which always includes some naivety, but other than that, she seemed to be fun, intelligent and engaged! I couldn’t believe it… beautiful and fun to talk to also!

Her friends then came up and told me they were leaving and going to a different club with the group of black guys they were with. I thought to myself, ok, this is where my heart gets frickin pulled right out of my chest, again.

But, no, they say, “Are you coming?” to her, and her response was, “I’m going with him!”, throwing her arms around me!!!

I again looked skyward, but for the exact opposite reason I had only a few minutes ago… this time, I was thanking ANYTHING or ANYONE who may have made this possible!

We ended up riding around all over the island, even played poker a little bit, having a blast the entire time and then ended up back at my hotel.

It was 4am by this point, but Aruba is not like America… it is quite a free place and so the hotel liquor sales at the front desk was still open (24 hours), so we grabbed four beers and gave one to the lady who sold them to us at the reception desk, cheers-ed her, and headed up to my room.

I don’t need to get into specifics here, obviously, but it was amazing. Even more amazing, she told me that she has rarely had any physical relations with any man before… she was totally discovering herself and her womanhood, right there with me. It was beautiful and exciting and I really just felt so lucky to be a part of it.

That was 2 nights ago… we basically did the exact same thing, right down to the buying of a beer and cheers-ing of the hotel reception lady the next night.

**btw, I don’t have pictures of her yet, but have her email now and will be getting some off her soon as I am sure you must be interested what she looks like by now! I would be!

I don’t know what is going to happen, but I have, for the 4th day in a row now, extended my stay here. If it were completely up to me I think I’d probably stay here as long as this girl from Boston is here (another 4 or 5 days) but my Tamagotchi-like Thai gf is nearing the point of expiry and if I were to stay another few days I think she’ll really be hurt because I had promised her days ago I was already making my way back to Thailand.

Plus, she is aware of all my experiences here and has been so good as to let me stay the few extra days already to enjoy it fully… Not many girlfriends will do that! Actually, I know of exactly zero girlfriends who would do that. So, again, I am so lucky to have a gf like that and so I really should tear myself away from this beautiful little romantic interlude and get back to my crazy Thai gf, not to mention all of her sexy friends who all seem to have moved into my building in the last few months, making for what will be some very interesting times by the pool in Bangkok.

In the meantime, however, the magic just continues here in Aruba.

When I first arrived here I played poker the first few nights at the Radisson Casino and made some small chitchat with the numerous beautiful dealers and waitresses and even the singer of the band there.

I hadn’t been there for 3 days as I started playing at the Holiday Inn Casino lately, but I walked in last night… One of the waitresses ran up to me right away, “Sweetie!!” and gave me a hug, “Where have you been?”… another dealer waved to me from across the room, also apparently excited to see me! The card room manager guy walked up, remembered my name somehow, “Jeff, welcome back!”.

This is how it is here!!! Even if I never met that amazing 19 year old Bostonian girl I would still have placed Aruba very highly on my list of places to go and to return to. The vibe here is hard to explain. I’ve never felt a vibe like this in a place with so many Camericans… everyone seems to be happy, smiling, engaged and social.

Also, I ate at an Italian restaurant called Hostario de Vittorio, right beside the Brickel Bay Beach Club and it was UNBELIEVABLY good. And judging from the comments of everyone at tables around me, they all agreed. It was SO good! Even better than the excellent Romanissima in Caracas.

And, not to mention, for those who from time to time like to dabble in paying girls for sexual activity (up front in cash that is, as opposed to later with dinners, diamond rings and condos, not to mention the dreaded divorce settlement!), the area called San Nicolas is apparently home to dozens of venues, mostly filled with Colombian girls. And, being Dutch based here, it is all perfectly legal (imagine that America… sex is allowed here! Unlike in the land of the free!). And, again from what I am told, it is also very reasonably priced. I actually had to ask, “What? Really?” when someone told me the prices. I have only spent a few minutes in San Nicolas because, luckily for me, I have been well taken care of by my new found lover. But I just thought I’d point out that this area exists as being another positive about Aruba.

So, all these things combined have officially moved Aruba high onto my list. I am now moving Aruba to my #3 resort-style place in the world, only behind Boracay and Phuket. I’ve even begun briefly looking about the internet at real estate prices. I always prefer to be in really exotic places like Bangkok and Acapulco but, heck, if this is how life is here, maybe I could spend a lot more time here! Heck, I’m sure if I stayed here another week I’d be the one picking up the cute casino dealers at their house to drive to the 5am Friday night softball game!

What a nice, nice surprise Aruba, and everything here, has been.