Traveling is Tiring

I am writing from onboard British Airways 747 (though sold as a Cathay Pacific flight, with Cathay Pacific stewardesses, thankfully!) on a direct flight from NYC (JFK) to Hong Kong! A 15 hour flight! Interestingly, that’s not all that much longer than a flight from Vancouver to HK. That’s because the flight from NYC flies nearly directly North from New York until it hits nearly the North Pole. It then begins to swing down to the West of Beijing and then approaches into Hong Kong from the West! According to my large inflight personal screen I am currently just to the West of Fort Chimo and to the East of Poste-de-la-Baleine, wherever those godforsaken places are.

This is one of the longest direct routes in the world. I had previously taken a 16 hour flight from San Francisco to Sydney which sucked! I ended up in a middle seat in economy on that flight and the entire flight was full of school kids all running around and shouting. That flight nearly killed me. I was only in Australia for 5 days and I looked at the return flight on my calendar much the way Bill Clinton must feel knowing that Hilary will be coming home into their bedroom later that night (sorry for all the Hilary slags lately but my god, have you listened to what she says? I listened to 3 minutes of one speech for the first time yesterday and began stapling my ears closed!) Anyway, the point is moot, Bill may be an idiot too but he is smart enough to be out with some college girls rather than be home and subject himself to that vile wench.

Anyway, when I first booked this flight I tried to pre-book a seat and there was nothing but middle seats available in economy (there is no way I am ever paying $5,000 for business class! Do you know what kind of enjoyment $5,000 would buy you in Thailand? Damn close to eternal joy… so I’ll suffer for a few hours). But, at the last moment one seat opened online for the very last row, on the window.

I booked it and am at least somewhat comfortable. But I am extra happy because EVERY seat on this plane has a full AC plug-in! Now if they only had internet (they don’t :( ), I’d be so happy. Ah well, soon one of these airlines will get it all together (Lufthansa has internet, but no power… something of not much help to me and my 17� laptop which lasts about 45 minutes on battery!). Of course, the last airlines to get anything of the sort will be any US or Canadian based carriers, being as they are both centrally planned economies. And I use the word ‘planned’ very loosely.

Anyway, this flight essentially ends my North, Central & South American and Caribbean portion of my latest expedition.

How do I feel? TIRED! It was, as always, a wild ride. From nearly becoming the King of Acapulco; to venturing about Managua with a girl who looked like J Lo but back when J Lo was hot; to spending time with my new Colombian girlfriend in Cartagena; to venturing the streets of Caracas; and to finally arriving in Aruba and meeting a white girl from Boston who had me feeling like a schoolboy again fawning over every time she’d say car, or bar, or father. I’d even try to find ways to get her to say those words… “what do you like better, going to the bar or eating vegetables?�… her: “I like to go to the baaaaaaaaaaaa�. Me: *blush*

UPDATE: I just got pics of her, here is one:

She is the one on the right

I then spent one night in Santo Domingo, taking care of some business… and then one night in NYC, at an airport hotel, waiting to board this flight.

I’ll now spend a few nights in HK with my crazy Thai gf and all her friends.

And then it is back home (well, maybe… you know me)!! There is something good about having your own place somewhere… a place where you don’t have to call and book… you don’t have to wake up by 12 and check-out and you have everything there just the way you like it.

I’ll likely spend about 2-3 months in this region, even possibly looking to buy a small little place maybe in Bangkok, maybe in Phuket… perhaps even in the country somewhere!

And then, around June it’ll be back through Camerica (for World Series of Poker) and then down again through Mexico and possibly to places like Nicaragua and Aruba again, looking for a place to plant myself in the Americas.

I intend to have one or two little spots of my own to hide-out in, one in Asia (most likely Thailand) and one in Latin America (likely Mexico, maybe Nicaragua) as places to hide out for the next few years while the world falls apart.

As I write, Bear Stearns looks like it has completely collapsed (note: I wrote this before they completely collapsed! Always one step ahead!). Gold has soared above $1,000 (well above as I post this). The USD is almost completely worthless. US real estate is in COMPLETE collapse. BTW, on that note, even though US real estate will be virtually free over the next few years, it does not mean it is a bargain. The last place in the world you will want to be in the next few years is the US. There will be riots, famines and a greater depression, to steal the phrase from Doug Casey. The CIA has already built HUNDREDS of secret prisons which will be used to house the millions who will attempt to riot once they have nowhere to live and no food… and they will all be held without trial, all under current existing legislation. They are in the final phases now, trying to disarm the public as much as possible to make this transition as seamless as possible for the new world order. Once it gets to that point, it really won’t take much more to just begin mass genocide (for the greater public good, of course!). It really is following the Neo Nazi script almost to the letter, so far. In fact, their plans are much worse than most of the neonazi plans. They have already started with numerous of them, including the genocide of Africa, by trying to tell them all they have AIDS and then “giving them� (the drugs get paid for, so the drug companies get paid, but the funds come from you, the taxpayer) AIDS drugs which are actually the things that end up killing them (more on this in my next blog post). As you can see in the news, they are now beginning to talk about MANDATORY testing of the US population for HIV in another attempt at mass genocide and massive sales of HIV drugs. This, along with other things, such as chemotherapy and the current effort to take most of the nutrition out of most food are all parts of the plan for mass genocide and world control.

Until then, I’ll be preparing by the pool in Bangkok, for the upcoming World Wars. Might as well enjoy the good times while we still have them!

So barring any unusually interesting SouthEast Asia stories it’ll be quiet around here again for a while except for the occasional rant, which as you can see, has already begun!