Updates and some pics

I’m still in Vegas. I think I’ve been here nearly two weeks now, time flies. I’ve been having a good time though. This town definitely suits my tastes. It is 24 hours, even more so than Bangkok! It has tons of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Has lots of hot girls from around the world. And, of course, it has poker. I guess that explains why I’m still here!

I’ll hopefully be getting a call soon about my Acapulco condo and then will head back there to finish up the paperwork and take possession. There are direct flights from Las Vegas to Monterrey, Mexico. And on the weekends there are direct flights from Monterrey to Acapulco, so I think that will be the way I’ll make it back there. I’ve never been to Monterrey, nor even heard much about it, but every time I do a web search on Monterrey I keep seeing stunningly beautiful pictures of the city and it’s mountainous surroundings. It looks really nice, so I want to stop in and check it out.

Here, btw, is a pic of the approximate view from my condo in Acapulco. Bueno!

And now, onto the poker.

Here is a pic of me playing with my usual chip stack at the World Series.

I’ve played five tournaments now, I think. The first four I literally got zero cards and my chip stack always looked like the one in the pic.

Then on the fifth one, the floodgates finally broke and I got a crazy amount of big hands. QQ, KK, AK, AQ, KK… and literally, one after another. I more than doubled my chip stack in the first two hours and was finally able to play my game. I had the whole table off its game. I was raising and reraising and stealing blinds and bluffing.

But then, disaster struck.

I had 11,000 chips (starting was 5,000 chips). I had A10 under the gun. I limped in. Four others limped after me and then a short stack raised 2,000. I sensed it was a steal attempt and I put him all in for 4,000 chips. Everyone else folded. He turned over Q 7, offsuit, sheepishly. The flop, K 9 2 7 2. Agh.

So then I was at 7,000 chips.

The very next hand I was dealt KK, for the third time in an hour. The guy under the gun limped in, the girl to his left raised. I reraised to 4,000 chips, hoping to isolate her. Turns out I was the one about to get isolated.

The guy under the gun re-raised my re-raise! This, really, could only mean one thing. Bullets. Aces. Although, it was possible he also had KK’s. It was highly doubtful he had QQs.

But, there I was, sitting with only 3,000 chips left, with KK’s and having to decide if I am going to call a double reraise for the rest of my stack. I don’t know too many people who could fold KKs in that position. I pretty much knew he had AAs but had to call on the offchance he had KKs and the very off chance that he thought I was bluffing and had nothing.

I called. AAs.

Ten minutes later I was in my hotel room.

I do, at least, feel somewhat happy that for at least an hour or two I got to play my game. And it worked very well. I had that table turned upside down once I finally got some cards.

I am thinking of playing one more tourney, on Monday, and then I think I’ll call it a year and head back to Mexico.

I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere and the vibe of the WSOP. ALL the pros are here. At nearly every table in the tourney are big name pros. I’ve watched some of their plays and haven’t seen too much that they do much better than me. Their reading abilities are what sets them apart and that is also something I am very good at. I’ve yet to have any of the players I respect sit at my table and get to duel with them to really test my skills. I had Kathy Liebert at my table. But it was at the rebuy tourney and she was basically just moving all in with any hand.. so not much to learn there except to bring lots of money to a rebuy!

I played a cash game with Chris Moneymaker. I’ve watched his plays on tv and watched him live now and have to say, he is really not a good player at all. His reads are wrong more often than not and his plays are weak. Even if you watch the highlights of the WSOP that he won, more than 80% of the hands he won he played wrong and just lucked out.

Anyway. Poker to me is just a fun hobby. I really couldn’t see myself playing it very regularly, like the pros. It can get pretty boring quite quickly. Sure, you can always learn something, every day, which is part of the reason I like it. But compared to, say, the stock market, or economics in general, it is very limited. There is only so much you can do and really you only have three options. Check, bet or fold. Not exactly mind bending stuff. But, as a nice way to get my mind off the stock market and economics from time to time and still get to use my brain, it is a great pastime.

I think I’ll try to get to the WSOP every year now. I’ll add it to my ‘recurring’ trip itinerary. That makes three things I’ll try to do every year. The WSOP in Vegas in June, Thai new year in April and Boracay for New Years. And Bangkok, Acapulco and adventures in between.

Not a bad life.