Acapulco / Ramblings

It’s been a loooong time since my last post. That’s because I really haven’t been doing much. Been in Acapulco the whole time, enjoying the scene that is Acapulco.

Interestingly, and unbeknownst to me previously, Acapulco really seems to be taking off lately as a jetsetter destination. I always thought Acapulco was way under-rated, but never really thought too much about why or what might change that. But it appears that my initial instincts were not proprietary to myself. Numerous entrepreneurs have been building and renovating dozens of restaurants, bars and nightclubs over the last few years to the point where it is becoming obvious that this is, again, like it was in the ‘60s, fast becoming one of ‘the’ places to go.

Somewhat similar to my Bangkok experiences, I’ve been stumbling upon really cool new spots every week here. Once a city starts to get some momentum, such as places like Bangkok and Dubai, it really just takes on a life of its own.

Just as proof, check out websites for restaurants such as Becco Al Mare and for nightspots such as El Albrije and Classico Del Mar. There is even a Mexican/Thai fusion restaurant here… which is kinda neat for me given those are two of my favorite places in the world, called Zibu.

The New York Times recently did a piece on Acapulco which sheds some more light on what I am talking about, here:

Anyway, so besides the fact that I managed to just buy a beachside condo in probably the best location in all of Acapulco, right at the moment the whole town is experiencing a renaissance, not too much else is new.

My daily routine has been awaking, doing yoga on my patio overlooking glorious Acapulco Bay, then hitting the pool while the maids clean my abode, followed by a healthy, fresh meal, then some work, then usually a nap and some HDTV in the evenings… It’s been good.

I think I may take off for Amsterdam, then Finland, Estonia and the Ukraine in mid August, followed up by my long delayed ‘stans tour, including Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and all the ‘stans, except for Afghanistan, which, as usual, the Americanos have turned into hell on earth… so I will avoid Afghanistan for now until the rest of the world stops accepting the US IOU, officially known as a Federal Reserve Note, the most fraudulent piece of paper ever created…. Likely to begin later this year or in 2009 at latest, which will cause the Empire to collapse and allow places like Afghanistan to have a chance at rebirth.

On that note, hopefully humans at some point wake up and realize the only route to salvation is true, 100% freedom, which means that if anyone wants to do ANYTHING, and it doesn’t hurt anyone else, then you shouldn’t use guns (police/government) to make them stop. This means that the heinous, despicable ‘war on drugs’ would finally end, allowing places like Afghanistan to finally turn their fertile poppy growing soil into legitimate cash cows rather than CIA sponsored underground crime operations. If someone, somewhere, wants to do heroin to numb their pain, so be it. Billions of people in the world right now take alcohol to numb their pain and alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in the US. Why aren’t the CEOs of Jack Daniels Whiskey or Absolut Vodka being hunted down and killed?

If you are a COMPLETE MORON, you think that terrorism is actually a threat to your personal safety. If you are a COMPLETE MORON, you believe all the propaganda that the fascist US media tells you and the socialist, centralized Canadian media tells you (CBC.. it’s the government news station, wake up).

Have you even ever looked to see what the main causes of death are, for example, in the US? If you watch the news you would think, for certain, it must be illegal narcotics, terrorists and crime! Here is the facts… these are the top 3 killers in the US:

Tobacco 18%
Poor diet & lack of physical activity 17%
Alcohol 3.5%

Everything else is less than 2%, including things like motor vehicle accidents, suicide, homicide etc. Interestingly, more people die from killing themselves (suicide) than by others killing them (homicide). So, for those of you who actually worry about things like that, take a look in the mirror, that person staring back has a far greater chance of killing you (directly, and especially indirectly through smoking, poor diet etc) than anyone else in the world.

As for marijuana, guess where it stacks up. 0%. 0 people per year die from marijuana use.

So, if the media were to actually focus on the two MAJOR, MAAAAJOR killers, each newscast would lead off like this, “Hello, I’m Bob TalkingHead, it’s a crisis, another 50,000 people died again this month, for the 800th month in a row, from tobacco related illnesses. In other news, 1,500 people were killed today by poor diet and lack of physical activity.�

But of course, that is not what the sheeple are told. They are told that billions need to be spent to find guys in caves who used $2 box cutters to hijack planes and “attack America� and they are told that smoking or inhaling plants (drugs) are a serious crisis issue.

The plain fact is, if you smoke or eat at places like McDonalds on a fairly regular basis, then you are, by far, by a huge margin, the biggest threat to your own safety.

If you are a believer in the ridiculous notion of nation states and using government to protect yourself, then in order to not be a hypocrite you should immediately have yourself put in a cage (jail) for life. Please do!

In actuality, almost everything that most people believe is usually opposite of the truth. People think that a ‘war on drugs’ will stop drug-related problems when in fact it makes it 10 times worse. People think that eating foods low in fat will help them lose weight when, in fact, by replacing healthy fats which help you feel full with more carbohydrates that actually get converted into fat in the body and result in you eating more of the item because you do not feel full, you end up gaining far more weight on a ‘low fat’ diet. Even things like peoples beliefs on mixed martial arts goes opposite to the truth. People think boxing is far safer than mixed martial arts (mma) but nothing could be further from the truth. In mma you might take one or two big shots which might break your jaw, or your nose, or your leg, you can recover completely from those injuries. In boxing, however, you take thousands upon thousands of blows to the head… blows softened just enough so that you don’t actually get knocked out but can stand to take hundreds more blows. This, in fact, causes major brain trauma over time, to the point where most boxers, in old age, become vegetables, if they survive that long, as many will die right in the ring.

I guess the point is, that you should never take anything ‘accepted’ in society for face value. You should always analyze it on your own. Society generally gravitates towards its most basic instincts and reflexes… 90% of which are usually exact opposites to the actual truth. And, helped along by media, which in the US is in complete cooperation with the fascist government and the corporations that control it, the chances of nearly anything you hear, from your neighbors, or from TV, being the truth, is slim to none. And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous public schooling system which has, as its main priority, the dumbing down of society.

Use your own brain first. The absolute last three entities that you should ever garner information from are schools, media and the government. Thankfully the internet is still relatively free, and will always likely remain so, to some extent, and thereby will remain mankinds greatest hope for true knowledge and communication.

In the end, however, nothing really matters. You are here for a moment and we don’t even really know where “here” is. At the very least just try to enjoy it. I am.

You can find me poolside here in Acapulco for the next few weeks… c’mon down and hear me rant and expound on this and many other topics live and in person!