This is the most boringest blog evar!!!1

Yes I know, you are wiping the tears from your eyes as you stare into the worst blog ever with disbelief. Is he really only typing in a new entry every month or two?? What’s with this guy?

Well, the problem has been that I have been stuck in Acapulco for MOOONTTHSSSS now. However, here is the good news, they have been working fulltime on my a/c and generator for the last week and even had the a/c semi-operational the other day, giving me hope that one day it might be done and I can keep moving!!

Everywhere I go in Acapulco people wave to me now and many of them even know my name. This is very uncomfortable for me as I prefer to be completely anonymous, so I am itching to get out of here before I become a resident!

If things go well, I may be able to take off as early as next week. Zabaneh is coming down to Ixtapa (150 miles north of Acapulco) this week and he might come check out Acapulco for a day or two, so if he does I might hang around a few extra days… but if I have anything to do with it, I hope to be on the water by April 10… next stop, Huatulco… after that Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and then finally Panama. I would really like to be in Panama by the first week of May and then I will have to go up to Vancouver for a few days on business, and then come back in mid May and begin heading north towards the caribbean.

That is the plan. Whether it happens or not is a completely different story.

I hope my next entry comes from Huatulco and beyond as my boat and I are growing moss.

If you are wondering what I am looking like nowadays, here is a pic of me on the beach in Acapulco, looking for dried up dead fish on the beach to eat and begging for change (joking)