OBAMA – I’ve been trying SO hard not to comment on this… but I finally had to give in

I watched in dismay this week as millions of people around the world exalted in euphoria over what was should have been an insignificant, if not deplorable, event.

My mind begins swirling at where to even begin with the ridiculousness of this reaction.

Let me start with the most basic items and then move on to the more important issues.

First, many people are excited as this is America’s first “black� President. Barack Obama is not black. His father is black and his mother was white. So, if you are going to call him black, using that logic, you’d be just as equally correct just to call him white. It is almost as ridiculous as calling Tiger Woods black. Tiger’s dad was of African, Chinese and Native American descent. His mom is basically just Thai, with some Chinese and Dutch thrown in. So, actually calling Tiger Woods black is patently incorrect. If you are going to refer to someone by the race which is most prevalent in their blood, then you would have to… unequivocally, call Tiger Woods Thai. African barely even makes the list, tying with Chinese as the next largest segment of his makings.

Not that I care. I’d be perfectly happy if race was never even really mentioned again. I’ve never seen anything but one race since the day I began and that is the human race. Beyond that, everyone is just varying shades of tanned as far as I am concerned… hardly anything worth using in any way to judge a person. You’d be better off judging someone by their shoe size than their hue.

But if you are going to talk about it, at least get it right. Tiger Woods is Thai and Barack Obama is white… just as much as he is black.

But that is just a typical, completely ignorant, common misperception. I see thousands of irritating things like that daily. That’s not what has me cringing every time I watch the news and/or hear about someone talking about how this is an amazing moment of history that occurred a few days ago.

For the sake of having some fun, allow me to enter into a faux discussion with myself as a way to get some points across.


Question/Comment (Q/C): This is a big deal, America’s first black President

My Reply (MR): He’s not black

Q/C: Okay, but he comes from a far different background than all prior Presidents

MR: Who cares who is President of the US, other than knowing which person holds the potential destruction of the entire planet in the palm of their hand? If anything, the American government is essentially the largest organized crime racket in the world. And definitely the largest terror organization. If anything, the head of that institution should be publicly stoned, not exalted.

Q/C: But America is the leader of the free world

MR: America leads nothing anymore after decades of corruption and ignorance. And, of all the countries I’ve ever visited it is one of the least “free�. There is hardly anything free about America at all anymore. It is a fascist police state and is barely even relevant on the global stage.

Q/C: But America is the richest country in the world

MR: No, it’s not. By any standard. In actuality, its government is the most bankrupt state in the world. America owes more than any country ever has in the history of the world. The day that Chinese workers decide to stop sending their savings to America every month to carry on its solvency charade will be the day the USA officially files for bankruptcy as opposed to its unofficial current bankruptcy. A bankruptcy I expect will come soon.

Q/C: But America is the most powerful country in the world

MR: Yes, it might be, but that is not a good thing. Power effectively means that you have lots of guns and are willing to use them to coerce people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do. So, by saying America is the most powerful country you are also basically saying America is coercive and takes things by force or by threat of force. Hardly a noble thing. It’s despicable.

Q/C: Even so, it’s government is a beacon of hope. Democracy is the best form of government and the US is who does it best

MR: Democracy isn’t a form of government. Democracy is just a method in which to change governments. When the US founding fathers came up with democracy it was hardly the whole concept. It was really just a very small part of the initial plan. A plan to form a free state where individual liberty was enabled. After a few hundred years everyone seems to have forgotten about that and now the American government goes around the world killing women and children with satellite guided missiles in order to try to spread “democracy�. That’d be like bombing, attacking and occupying nations around the world with the intent of spreading the infield fly rule of baseball. It’d make as much sense. But even if you do think democracy is a form of government and do think it is something important, how unbelievably poor is the American democratic system? Two parties? Wow, that’s a heck of a lot of choice! Don’t overwhelm everyone, now! And you could get millions and millions more votes than the guy in the other party and still lose the election. Howzat? Say again?

Q/C: Well, he’s way better than Bush

MR: Well, I can agree with that. But is this the only reason we can get excited nowadays? Because someone who was horrendous is replaced by someone who is going to be a disaster, but of a different style? Sure, more Obama and less Bush, in general, likely means less pointless, criminal wars. It’ll likely mean less neo-con atrocities such as torture and the holding back of science (stem cell research etc). That is good, obviously. But it will be replaced with homegrown bankruptcies, famines, riots and an even greater Big Brother police state as Obama meddling with the economy will only further the problem. But even that all assumes that the President actually really controls anything. The bankers and corporations are who run the US government. If Obama were to actually really do something to change that, like JFK, who proposed getting rid of the Federal Reserve system, he’ll quickly come to the same fate. If he did go against their wishes I’d advise him from taking any convertible, open air car rides through downtown Dallas. But by the looks of things, the bankers and corporations will be thrilled at Obama’s coming tsunami of spending so he will likely remain comfortably unassassinated.


But the main reason I am dissapointed at the world reaction to Obama is in how everyone has bought into big government now to the point where they think that one man, in one position in government, can change the world for the better. One man, in private enterprise can definitely change the world for the better. The guy who invented antibiotics (although the jury is still out on whether that one will eventually backfire – but for now, no more worrying about gonorrhea!). The guy who invented refrigeration. Or, my personal favorite, the guy who invented the internet…. Al Gore.

But, government can never, ever change anything for the better. They can steal from one person and give to another but that is not changing anything for the better. That’s common theft. The very best possible case for a government is that it does not make anything much worse.

Obviously, after 8 years of Dubbyah, we can see how much worse things can get. What a disaster. In that sense I can partially understand why some people may have been excited last week. Relieved is probably a better way to put it. I was excited and relieved to know that the Bush & Cheney horror show was soon leaving town too.

If only it wasn’t going to be quickly usurped by the next great disaster. A man who has never… in a conventional sense, held a real job. He spent many years in the incredibly ignorant American university system. The system that gave us Ben Bernanke! And what did he study? Anything of real value? Nope, law. Law! He basically studied the unending, never-ending list of laws that completely choke all remaining life out of America… the land of the free, indeed.

And then, when he finished that, what did he do, he went straight into politics!

Here is a man who knows nothing about the real world. All he knows is all the inner workings of the incredibly oppressive American government. And, from all he’s seen, the big problem is that THERE ISN’T ENOUGH government!!!

That’s his conclusion! I can’t tell if the tears pouring from my eyes right now are tears of laughter or fear!

The man has absolutely no idea what a sad state of affairs the US is in. He states that he wants to spend more on things like healthcare. Spend more of what? The US government is bankrupt. What a fool.

And so I watched his first press conference. Again, like he’s been saying for months now, he didn’t really say anything. He definitely has some skills and his main skill is the ability to talk at length without saying anything and make it sound knowledgeable – at least to the middling IQs of the American populace.

He gave only one concrete proposal during the entire conference, besides his views on which dog he will buy for his daughters. And that was that he wants to do a “stimulus package� the day he enters office. He intends to do what Dubbyah did a few months back, which worked great, which is to mail cheques to everyone in the country, to get them spending! If it wasn’t reality I would never have believed that anyone would even utter this concept without expecting to quickly be sent off to an insane asylum.

Okay, Mr. Obama, the country is bankrupt. The entire Federal Reserve central banking price fixing and money monopoly scam has finally reached the end of the road. The entire country is collapsing under the weight of debt piled on for decades. What do you propose? MORE DEBT! Send everyone cheques! But, Mr. Obama, we have no money. Nothing. Well, just print up more and send it to everyone! This is the solution!

150 years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville in his famous work – Democracy In America said this:

“The government covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing but a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.�

And how the flock was elated on Tuesday! Here comes our shepherd!

How prescient was Tocqueville. It is obvious he completed his education prior to the fascist government “education� system got to work really dumbing people down.

But, his comments are precisely what I see not only in the US, but now it seems nearly round the world. Although there are pockets of hope for liberty and free markets. Where? In places like China and parts of the former Soviet Union. It’s like 20 years ago the entire world flip-flopped.

And so, earlier this week, people around the world were overjoyed to find out that a “black� man who has never held a real job of consequence and who obviously has no idea about why America originally was prosperous (hint: small/no government / free market) and who so obviously has no clue how basic economics works was elected to be the leader of an bankrupt, criminal former empire which has no relevance in the world today.

Ya, woohoo! What a day! I’ll always remember what I was doing when I heard that news, too! Fearing for the planet and stocking up my cupboard full of non-perishables and ammunition!

Is Obama the beginning of a great new era? Looks a lot more like the final stages of one to me.