Trevor Greene Update

It was on March 4, 2006 that I first wrote in my blog of the news that my friend Trevor Greene had been involved in a serious attack in Afghanistan.

I had written on this topic many times since during the more than two and a half years since that day.

For the first time since that day Trevor emailed me a few weeks ago. It was the best and most look-forwarded to email I had ever received. Intellectually speaking, Trevor is still all there. The axe must’ve missed all the deep-thinking parts of his brain – either that or most of it is actually located in his heart and soul as much as in his brain – something I suspect.

Recently a documentary was aired on his journey over the last few years on the program W5 on CTV in Canada. You can view the documentary here. Or at least I hope you can. I couldn’t because it doesn’t allow people from my ‘region’ (Mexico) to view it. But I caught it in HDTV during its live broadcast.

The guy has always been inspirational and it seems he has just gotten even more so now. The documentary was so enlightening to see all the trials and tribulations Trevor has had on his recovery. Most eye-opening to me was the strength of his fiance who has been possibly even stronger than Trevor during all this!

Whether you know Trevor or not I encourage you to watch the documentary as it is a really inspirational story.

Trevor still has a long way to go, as we all do in our own way, but he continues to amaze.

As well there is an interesting recent radio interview which Trevor and Debbie did and someone uploaded to YouTube which is also well worth the viewing.

As for me, there still is absolutely nothing new at all to report. I have dug in deep here in the paradise called Acapulco and it is going to take a lot to get me out!