Updates, Red Lights and French Suicides

I am still in Acapulco. I can’t find any good reason to leave here and therefore I remain. I did go to Calgary and Edmonton in Canada recently, however, to see family. And, it seems, the more I am away from prison-camp style countries such as Canada, USA and Australia the more I just cannot handle it. I don’t know how many red lights I went through even though the flashing of the government surveillance camera alerted me to my impending pickpocketing by the government.

People who live in those places just don’t understand because they have never even had any freedoms at all to do anything. But, as I sat at numerous red lights at 2am on the deserted prairies I just found I could not submit. Restaurants in the prairies all close at 10pm, at the very latest and bars are mandated by government to close by 2am so the streets are virtually deserted. And, being the prairies, I can literally look left and right for miles in either direction.

So, I tried it a few times. Sitting there. Alone, in the emptiness, at a red light. The little white walking man sign taunting me as he appeared to have no intention of moving on to the flashing red hand which would indicate that my time in purgatory had any hope of coming to an end. Most of the local citizenry does not even question the ridiculousness of sitting there when there aren’t any cars to be seen for miles and letting their soul slowing drain out of them.

Nor do they seem to notice the millions of small little rules, regulations and other invasions into their life by the country that has turned most of them into depressed, empty beings who can not figure out why they are so unhappy.

Imagine for a second that you could DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. I know this is a crazy idea to those who are so repressed. But, imagine, you want to go in your car despite the red light. You are able to make rational decisions. You obviously wouldn’t go if an 18 wheel truck was bearing down on you. But imagine what your life would be like if you weren’t forced to sit there for no reason in compliance.

You’d have far less need to drink down all that whiskey. Or to cram junk food into your mouth trying to drown the pain. Or to take all those legal antidepressant drugs which the government allows you to take.

I tried to sit at the first stop light. And I made it half way through the next one. But after that I couldn’t take it anymore. I resolved to just do what I want to do and what seemed reasonable to me without risking anyones, including my own, safety.

And so, for the rest of my stay, I blew through countless red lights. My picture is probably in some government database now as cameras flashed as I rolled through. I even had it resolved in my mind that if a cop tried to pull me over that I would just keep driving to where I was going and calmly walk into my hotel when I got there, despite what I am sure would be 5 or 6 cop cars and a helicopter or two by that point.

People in these countries see endless occasions of “road rage” yet I’ve never seen road rage in places like Thailand or Mexico. That’s because people aren’t having road rage, they are having rule rage. When you try to make millions of people all adhere to literally thousands of rules you will regularly have occasions where someone didn’t know one of the rules. This is usually followed by someone who is very angry that that person did not know that rule!

Traffic in general would be way better if there were no rules except “don’t hit anyone”. Take this as an example. Take a town square that has 1,000 people walking around in it. There are no rules for walking around except, don’t hit anyone. Now, if you had government install all sorts of contraptions in that square to try to regulate the flow of walking such as policemen and traffic lights, what do you think would happen? It’s pretty obvious, within minutes there would be confusion, anger and frustration. So why do you think cars are any different?

And why do you think no one ever asks questions like “since the Autobahn has no speed limit, is there more or less fatal accidents there”. The reason is because I am sure the answer is less and therefore your government nor your government controlled media would ever bring this up as this would take away millions of dollars in revenues from speeding tickets.

Ah well. I am glad I am not in Canada anymore. I feel much more relaxed already.


And now for a bit of humor. This story caught my eye today on the BBC:

French Unease at Telecom Suicides

The story is hilarious from start to finish, mainly for the insinuation that because some people at some unionized company killed themselves there needs to be a government bureaucrat who investigates it! Yes, that is what government is for, after all, looking into stuff like this! Thank goodness!

The union states that “a never ending drive for efficiency” is causing all these suicides!! You can’t make this stuff up. Yes, I was in a company once, and they were so focused on efficiency I slit my wrists!!! Stop with all this efficiency, I can’t take it! Someone call the government!

It goes on to state, “On Wednesday, a 49-year-old man in Troyes, east of Paris, plunged a knife into his own stomach during a meeting in which he had been told he was being transferred.”

I am trying to imagine how that transpired.

Boss: Jean Francoise, you have no use for us at this location but we have found another location where you might be able to add enough value to cover your wages plus actually make some money for the company.

Jean Francoise: Sacre bleu!!! ‘Ow can I live like this? You are offering me a job in a completely different location? This is much too efficient! (grabs a bread knife from the union mandated croissante and muffin tray) I am coming ‘ome mama! Au revoir cruel, cruel world!!

Boss: Well, that seems like a bit of an over-reaction.