My Generation Sucked

I remember when I was younger I would look around at the world around me and think how stupid all the prior generation was. There was tons of race related problems and to me I just saw one race, the human race. What a bunch of fools.

Then I had to sit through TWO separate church/state related attacks on music I loved. First, heavy metal music, which was my first favorite form of music was under attack as being “the devil´s music”. This is hilarious in and of itself because, in order for you to believe that heavy metal music is music of the devil, you have to believe in THE DEVIL. A red colored guy with a tail who sits in the middle of the earth and makes people think evil thoughts such as thoughts about physical love and enjoyment of your own body.

Then next they attacked rap music. Either for being lude (Two Live Crew) or for being violent (NWA, Ice T etc). Firstly, if words can hurt you, such as the F word, I suggest you are so emotionally fragile that if I were to spend more than 30 seconds with you I could have you curled up in a ball and in tears. And secondly, NWA and Ice T had it 100% right when they fought back against oppression of the state and talked about wanting to kill cops. I want to kill cops too. Nothing personal… but they are the henchmen of the state which oppresses us… if you don’t want to kill cops you are what I call a happy slave.

All this stupidity went on and on through my childhood and I could barely stand it but I kept thinking to myself, my generation will be different. We won’t be so stupid and corrupt and so oppressive.

Wow was I wrong. If Facebook is any indication, my generation has came and went. Almost every single person I knew all has babies and the great majority of them, if their photos are any indication, have given up on life for the most part and allowed their bodies to decompose at a rapid rate thanks to limited/no exercise and poor diets.

And so, what are the two BIG things that happened to my generation that you could say really captures the times?

2. 9/11

Two lies.

HIV/AIDS doesn’t even exist and 9/11 was the most obvious con job I’ve ever seen. And my generation fell for them both. Way to go, you idiots.

HIV/AIDS: I figured this one out all on my own with very little medical/scientific knowledge. In the 80s some gay guys who were living ludicrous lives (they were doing so many concoctions of drugs that they were administering themselves antibiotics on a regular basis) started dying. The Church and the State latched on to this one instantaneously and basically posited that this was a new disease and it will soon kill anyone who has extramarital sex! Hmmm, that sounds a bit fishy. And for me, a young male who had just entered into adulthood and was eager to give sex a try, it was the most horrible thing that could have happened! Just a few years before were the free-love 70s but when I got out of high school in 1988 and was ready to discover women the whole world was afraid of sex!

Nearly three decades later and I, nor anyone I know, has ever known anyone who actually has AIDS or died of AIDS, and everything seems fine. EXCEPT in Africa. Hmmm, that´s strange. Now AIDS just kills poor African people.

I won’t go on about what a joke HIV/AIDS is but there is a new movie coming out, called House of Numbers which looks like it covers it all and looks quite good. You can see a trailer for it at their site. I’m sure the media and all the sheeple will ensure that it is forgotten a few weeks after it is released but at least I will try to help spread the word.

As for the other great event of our time, 9/11, I’ve already stated many times here how i feel about that. But if you don’t question why George Bush senior and some family members of the Bin Ladens were in NYC in a meeting the day before 9/11 and the ONLY people allowed to fly out of the country the day after 9/11 were the bin Laden family AND how the two WTC towers were the only towers in history to fully collapse from fire/plane crash AND how WTC 7 was rigged with explosives in a matter of hours (impossible) and imploded AND how there is no trace of an airplane in that field in Pennsylvania AND how not ONE security camera at the Pentagon (most secure building in the world) caught even a frame of a plane hitting it, then you truly are one of the sheeple. If you do question some of those things, check out Loose Change for more info.

And so, in the end, my generation has been involved in two of the biggest lies in history. Way to go guys.

As for the next generation, so far you guys have sucked as well. You already have your big lie in “global warming” in full swing and the whole swine flu panic is ridiculous. But I still have high hopes for you as you are the first generation in history with access to ALL information (the internet). Hopefully you use it.