Free the Children

This blog post isn’t going to be too long… mostly because the person who wrote this article says most of the things I believe on the matter: Why Don’t Kids Like School?. I recommend you read that article.

But expanding on the topic, I have never understood the concept of school as it currently exists. I remember being as young as 12 and questioning the value of 98% of the stuff I was being forced to memorize. And, years later, I can’t think of one thing of value I learned, besides the first few years when I learned how to read and how to do some basic math.

By the time I was 16 I had made it my mission to finish high school, but only high school, and only by the slimmest margin possible. And the only reason I decided to finish it was that I had nothing else I really wanted to do with my time, at that time, and because I knew my Mom would just be heartbroken if I didn’t get this government issued piece of paper.

I managed to miss more than half my classes in the final year of high school, having devised all sorts of ways to elude my Mom who, goodheartedly, was trying to make me do something which she thought was best.

The teacher called one day and informed her, “you know, your son basically never shows up to any class before 1pm”. I’ve never been a morning person and even to this day I sleep in until at least noon every day. But my Mom was shocked. She thought I was in school but, with my bedroom in the basement, I knew that every morning she would awaken just to check if my shoes were in the closet. If they weren’t there, then I must be awake and off to school. For a few months I got away with awakening early, going upstairs, getting my shoes and returning back to wonderful sleep for another delightful 3 or 4 hours.

But after the Principle called she caught on to that. This cat and mouse game progressed to the point where I would find various “sleep hideouts” around the house so when my mom checked and my shoes were gone and then came downstairs to make sure I wasn’t in bed sleeping, I could still get in more hours of sleep instead of completely wasting my time sitting in some super uncomfortable wooden chair having some moron recite useless info from some book and having me memorize it.

This reached its ultimate conclusion when I calculated the exact amount I needed to get on the final exam of the year to get 50% and get my high school diploma. But, a wrench was thrown into the works when two of my best friends told me they hadn’t passed enough courses and that they would have to return for another half year. Again, I had nothing else to do, so I thought, OK, I’ll fail too and hang out with my buddies for another year.

It was social studies and I knew I only had to get 60% on the final exam to get a passing grade in social studies and get my final credits to graduate from high school. I had only been to a few social studies classes all year but I skimmed through the textbook in the few minutes before the test anyway because, again, I had nothing better to do. And besides, history isn’t too bad of a thing to learn, although, obviously, what is taught by ANY government in ANY school system in ANY nation isn’t history, it’s just propaganda.

And so I went in for the test and decided to just quickly tick off some boxes and leave. But then my plan was thwarted. Two minutes after the exam started I stood up and began to walk out. I was then informed by the guard/teacher that I had to stay for a MINIMUM of one hour. What the? You have a minimum time requirement??? What is that for? What if someone is so super smart they can finish in 20 minutes, you make them just sit there? Just one of a million little rules, probably to prepare you for living in Canadian society after you graduate…

And so I walked back to my desk trying to think of how I was going to pass a whole hour and not die of boredom. So I looked at the exam and it said 60% of the exam was multiple choice and 40% was written. I then decided, ok, I’ll do the multiple choice just to kill time.

I answered the questions as best I could and then spent the remainder of the time drawing pictures in the written answer part.

A few weeks later, much to my dismay, I received my high school diploma! I had passed the exam! I retraced my steps thinking back to how I could have done such a thing… I must have gotten 100% of the multiple choice questions correct!!! Damnit, I never even thought that was a serious possibility and therefore didn’t include this risk in my strategy. My Mom asked why I was so upset that I had PASSED high school and I explained I was trying to fail. Needless to say, she was pretty shocked that I was actually trying to fail high school!

For those that have children I HIGHLY recommend home schooling. And just teach them the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic) in the first year or two and from then onward just teach them what they want to know. Some kids might be eager to know everything about biology. OK, go for it! But why waste your time making them memorize tons of stuff they’ll never use?

And besides, even if you were going to have a public school system. They don’t teach you ANYTHING of value and teach you tons of useless stuff and propaganda. Disagree? Well, if you ask me, these are the BASIC THINGS children need to know… that anyone has a kid and hasn’t taught them these things is a travesty to me:

1. Reading
2. Basic Math

Ok, so far, the public school systems in grades 1 to 4 aren’t too bad here… maybe that is where the end of it should be. Besides, after grade 4 I only remember getting picked on and beat up a lot… not a heck of a lot more! Whatever happened to the good old days of Kindergarten and nap time and play time??

But now lets get into the other INCREDIBLY important things all children should be taught but aren’t:

3. Self Defense. It is mind boggling to me that not everyone knows some basic self defense. I mean, there isn’t anything much more important than being able to protect yourself from attack. And speaking as someone with some karate, kung fu and boxing background, nothing feels better than walking around and knowing that if someone wants to try something with you they are the one most likely to be lying face down at the end of the provocation. But, of course, the government wants you to be helpless and therefore you are not taught this in school. But for those who are older and still do not know basic fighting techniques I highly recommend you learn.

4. Health/Nutrition. I know that they teach SOMETHING in school about this but really it is mostly just propaganda for the most part. Learning how to eat and exercise properly and WHY is incredibly important and no one seems to know much about it. Just the fact that most people DON’T KNOW that the human body needs exercise virtually every day to operate properly is lost on most people as can be seen by the body shapes you see on the street daily.

5. Swimming. This may seem kinda odd but think about it. The world we live in has earth and water. And most of the world is water. Whenever I hear someone tell me they can’t swim I am just exasperated. They might as well tell me they never learned how to eat. It’s that basic of a necessary skill imo. But every year thousands of people drown and it’s so needless. But, again, that’s what government designated lifeguards and the Coast Guard is for!

6. Money. Seems basic doesn’t it, but not ONE WORD is mentioned in school about what money is. Why is that? Well, because the government has the monopoly on the money system and if you actually knew how it worked you’d puke. Just keep paying your taxes and shut up, that’s all they want. But even beyond the question of “what is money” are all the things surrounding it like savings, loans, mortgages, investing. None of this is taught in school yet these are some of the most important things a person should at least understand in terms of their own personal financial prosperity. But, after millions of Americans signed up for liar loans and other mortgages that eventually caused the beginning of the ongoing financial collapse in the US, not a word was brought up about perhaps actually teaching people in the public school system how a mortgage works.

7. Sex and your body. I realize there are sex education in some schools now but just the fact that some people fight having this taught to their children is beyond ridiculous. Children should understand every facet of this important human event.

8. A second and third language. This one isn’t a complete necessity but I would have been happy if I came out of school and actually could speak a second language well… well, that is, other than French. When I went to school in Canada the only other language they FORCED me to learn was French. And, after realizing that I could only use this language in one small country in Europe (hint: France) and in Montreal and maybe one or two banana republics in Africa, I pretty much decided that wasn’t worth my time. For those that have a child I would highly recommend teaching them the following languages: Mandarin, Spanish (more native speakers than English in countless countries) and perhaps even Russian. But, and here is where native English speakers lucked out, English is actually the best language to know in terms of opportunities its knowledge opens up. But to know more than one language is almost always of great use and opens up countless possibilities and opportunities.

But that is the basic list of things everyone should know and, as I pointed out, not much of it is actually taught in public schools. Sure, you could add in thousands of skills and items of knowledge that are useful to know, but these are the basics. And for anything further, such as knowing how to build a house, or how to be a nuclear engineer or whatever, all of that can be taught based on the child’s interest in the subjects. As opposed to sitting him/her in a classroom for 16 years (when you add in 95% useless college) with a bunch of totally different people with different interests and just trying to teach them all a bunch of general crap. Which is better, do ya think?

And, adding more to the topic of youngsters, for all those who are constantly perplexed at how their car got keyed again by a bunch of young punks. Or why those young hoodlums are always hanging around the convenience store causing trouble. It is PRECISELY because being under 18 (or 21 or whatever age your local gustapo chose) is almost exactly like being in prison and having no rights. You can’t do anything you want. You HAVE to go to these useless schools. You can’t smoke, you can’t drink, you can’t go to discos.

Repeal all laws… and not just for children, for everyone. There need be only 3 laws and these are also natural laws so you don’t even need a police force to uphold them. Don’t kill anyone. Don’t physically hurt anyone without just cause. And don’t steal.

These are natural laws because if you tried to do any of them, even without a police force, you would likely see serious repercussions.

Free the children and free yourselves, slaves.

(for more on public education, no one says it better than one of my favorite commentators, Doug Casey, here: Doug Casey on Education)