FINALLY ready to roll!

The air conditioning and generator are all done… finally! My boat is sooooo nice and comfortable now. So, I am going to leave Acapulco tomorrow and likely stop in Huatulco, which is about 200 miles south. That will take me approx a day and a half, or maybe a bit longer if I sail the whole way and there isn’t great wind.

This is my first solo journey, but I am not too worried about it. Really the only times that extra people come in handy are so that you can have separate watches, and for docking… seems like most of the hairy times I have had come when we try to dock.

It will definitely be an interesting experience to be sleeping while sailing… as all of us drive cars, the concept of sleeping while you go just doesn’t seem to make any sense. But, in the entire 5,000 miles I have sailed so far, I could have slept the whole time, in reality, as we never really would have hit anything… the ship pretty much steers itself with autopilot and GPS.

I am going to see how I feel… if I get to Huatulco and feel up to it, I might just keep going to the very south of Mexico… there is one dangerous area that is just after Huatulco that extends for about 150 miles called the Tehuanapec, which can have major winds come out of nowhere, but I have been watching the weather and right now it looks totally calm there (the worst weather there is usually from December to March, so I have missed that window), so if it is calm as I approach Huatulco and I feel up to it, I might just keep going.

So, on Tuesday I am off again and will update soon after.