Huatulco es Bueno

Well I have been in Huatulco for a week now and have decided I am going to stay for a bit. It is very nice here.

About 20 years ago Mexico decided to make Huatulco into one of its biggest resort destinations… but it had many stumbling blocks along the way. Club Med actually built its largest resort in the world here at one point but then later sold it…

So this place kinda has a “sorta unfinished” feel to it… but it also makes it kinda quaint… it seems to have attracted a lot of younger, laid back sorta people which gives the place kinda a cool flavor.
It is completely different than the hectic, big city lifestyle in acapulco.

I am having such a good time here that I have decided I will stay a few weeks. I have to go to Vancouver the week of May 9 so I think I will fly out of Huatulco (connecting in Mexico City then direct to Van). After I get back I will likely leave the next week and will aim for Barilla’s Marina in El Salvador, where they apparently have high speed internet connections in cabana’s by the pool… so I might be there for a while too!

For anyone who may be coming to Huatulco at any point, the coolest nightclubs here are Mina’s and Papaya’s. I know the entire staff and owner at Mina’s already, so just tell them you are a friend of Jeff’s and they will treat you well… :)

The best restaurants are all in La Crucesita, which is the main town… there are some great restaurants here… one is at the Mission de los Arcos hotel… the food there is incredible… Try the pina pollo salad and the fresh fruit smoothie. Also, the best gym in town is also at that hotel for $25 pesos per day ($2.50).