Ciudad de Mexico

So I stopped into Mexico City for a couple days on my way up to Vancouver. Factoid: Did you know that Mexico City is the largest city in the world? Over 20 million people live here… they actually don’t even know how many people live here but it is estimated at well over 20 million.

That is almost the entire population of Canada living in a city!

When you fly into Mexico City (which I have done many times now) you can always see it from the distance as this large brown cloud. Every time I have ever been here I have never seen the sun… it is pretty much perpetually hazy with pollution.

I stayed in the south of the city at the Radisson Paraiso hotel. Great rates… $100/night USD and the rooms are quite nice.

I went out on Saturday night to one of the hottest discotheques in the City, called Hotel. When I arrived it was literally hundreds of Mexico City rich kids all in La Coste shirts all trying to get the attention of one guy, who apparently decides who comes in. After trying to push my way through the crowd for a bit I gave up and went somewhere else then came back… there was still a lot of people but not as many as before. I managed to get through and did the Berwick Shuffle, which many of you have seen me do in the past… it is a mixture of lying, acting like I own the place, and as always, a bit of luck which I always seem to have, that enabled me to bypass the crowd.

The club is very cool… has beds all over the place and nice layout. If you come to Mexico City I would recommend it, but go prior to 11pm to avoid the rich kid mosh pit.

I took a brief video of the club here

I also heard that Worka is a cool club in the same area from some friends in Huatulco but I never made it there.

I am leaving early tomorrow morning to Vancouver, with a 3 hour stopover in SF.

Here is a pic of me posin (as always) in the cab in Mexico City.