Getting ready to roll

We are now just a few days from getting back on the water! It looks like currently a number of lows are in and around the Gulf of Mexico (which is on the other side of Mexico)… but it is safest to cross the Gulf of Tehuantepec when there is a low in the Gulf. This time of year is generally a good time to make this transit. Winter can be very dangerous if you are not very careful as wind streams through the Gulf of Tehuantepec at speeds that can even push a tanker 500 miles offshore! If it can push a tanker 500 miles offshore, it can probably push my 35’ catamaran 500 feet down! (well, actually, catamaran’s can’t sink, they will float even if filled with water… but you get the gist!).

But in the meantime my loco buddy Mark decided just yesterday while we are talking online to come down to Huatulco for a few days. He arrived Wednesday morning but barely made it into the country as someone stole his passport, and a bunch of cash, from his luggage en route from LA to Mexico City (note: this is all pretty par for the course in Mark’s up and down life!)… when he got there he had to try to persuade the Mexican authorities to let him into the country with just his BC Driver’s License! As those of you who know Mark know, however, he always manages to talk his way through these things and they ended up giving him a 1 week visa… which he actually looked at as possibly being a positive thing because if he could he thinks he would stay down here for a long period of time!

And, after 2 months of solitude, I am expecting another little boatguest on Friday too… Elsie will be making her way down as part of her worldwide trip (after sailing with me to Costa Rica she will be going to China, Hong Kong and Japan to teach English for a month).

Mark will only be staying until Tuesday and then, weather permitting, Elsie and I will sail first to El Salvador (nearly 3 days straight of sailing!!) and then to Costa Rica, which I am pretty pumped about. Elsie has a long and well documented history of seasickness so we will be using meds, hypnosis and possibly alcohol to try to help her through these 3 days… if she makes it through, she’ll have her sea legs and she’ll be fine… if she doesn’t, it will be a very unhappy 3 days for her as Trevor and my Dad both know all too well (hey, just remember how slim and trim you were after not eating for a week though!).

El Salvador looks pretty cool… the marina we are going to has a pool (it is a Yacht Club) and palapas around the pool… each palapa has an internet connection to plug your laptop into… so as those of you who know me know, I will be very happy there.

But I have my eyes set on Los Suenos in Costa Rica where the marina is at the Marriott Hotel, complete with numerous beautiful swimming pools, gym, golf course, wireless internet and a casino! I have gotten the poker bug from Mark in the last 6 months or so, so I am even more looking forward to Costa Rica… oh, and on top of all that, there is good surfing right nearby, so theoretically, my day would start with a 1-2 hour surf… then shower, breakfast, then work all day on my a/c’ed boat and by the pool on my laptop… then lunch, then hit the gym, then some reading and more work on the laptop before possibly a drink at one of the many bars, or maybe a few hours at the casino making money off of tourists, or retiring for the evening, to repeat the next day!

I sense anger again as everyone reading this hates me. But don’t hate the player, hate the game. J

But, before all of the amazing times ahead, we have to get there… while I will be watching the weather like a hawk (especially with Elsie on board… if it is just me I don’t really care) I am sure there will be the usual adventure in getting there… and that is why you are supposedly here reading anyway… for the interesting sailing stories. So check in on Tuesday and if all is well, we’ll be shoving off and headed for Central America… Hasta la Vista Mexico, its been a fun 6 months!