Where in the world is Berwink?

Well, I was considering stopping this blog as the occurence of my boat becoming a submarine seemed to have stopped my world tour. But, it has been a few weeks, and I’ve just been kinda travelling around, and its been pretty cool… so I think I will just continue to do this for a while until I find a place I really like, then maybe stay there for a while.

I have spent a fair amount of time on the interweb looking at maps and places and stuff, and it really makes a huge difference flying over sailing as far as time goes! At the rate I was going by boat, it would have taken me 5-20 years minimum to see the whole world… but by plane, heck, I think I can probably see almost every country in South America in the next 2 weeks alone!

I was thinking of going to Caracas Venezuela next, and then either Brazil or Europe (I intend to be in Europe by the end of July), but after looking at flight schedules and a map, I have decided to do a whirwind tour of South America. Next stop is Quito, Ecuador tomorrow… then tentatively Lima, Peru… La Paz Bolivia… then Sao Paolo and Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. From what I have heard about Brazil, I may not want to leave there… but I am pretty intent on doing Europe while it is still summer, then if I want to come back and live in Brazil in the fall I can do that…

As usual, there is no real plan though and I will just follow the vibe… I had a great weekend in Bogota Colombia and highly recommend it if you are in the area.