Quito, Ecuador

I decided to go to another place I really knew nothing about… in fact, I don´t think I have ever even heard of Quito.

It was actually kind of funny, I got to the airport and they asked me what my destination was. I had booked the ticket online the day before and didn´t bother to print anything out… so, I kind of stared at them blankly for a few seconds… then I said Uruguay. They said they didn´t fly to Uruguay… so then I was like, wait, no, its Ecuador.

They then said what city in Ecuador… and I was like, “I dunno… name some for me”… lol.

They must have thought I was on drugs or something.

So I got in last night and was pretty tired so just grabbed some food and went to sleep. Today I have spent all day on the net working and taking care of some business. So I really haven’t seen much of Quito… but the internet tells me it is one of the most beautiful cities in South America.

It seems a bit quiet, plus it is early in the week, so I am just planning on recouperating from Costa Rica, Panama and Bogota for the next few days prior to Peru, and then what I expect to be another crazy time in Brazil.

Will update again soon…