I arrived in Lima Friday night… their main area is called Miraflores, and it is actually quite cool.. they have this sort of mall thing built into the rocks of this huge cliff overlooking the ocean… it is actually quite amazing of a view, especially from the downtown section of a major city.

Within minutes of being here I made some new “friends” and have spent most of my time since with them just chillin. Haven´t seen a heck of a lot of the city, but it seems pretty cool. It is winter here now, and the weather is chilly, but I´ll bet this place is off the hook in the summer.

I am off to Buenos Aires in Argentina tomorrow. I hear it is fly. I will likely spend the week there and then I want to head to Brazil to get back into the warm weather. Ever since Bogota I haven´t seen weather above 21c, and as cool as the places are, i much prefer to be in warmer climes… but for anyone looking for a fun cool vacation, DEFINITELY check out South America in the summer… it is a blast in the winter so I am sure it´d be amazing in the summer. But I haven´t even seen half of it yet, so will have more updates on South Am soon… from what I hear the best places are still to come! (Buenos Aires and Brasil!)