Insomniac? Go to Argentina

I took a late flight out of Lima on Wednesday night and didn’t arrive in Argentina until 3:30 in the morning. Argentina is 2 hours ahead of Peru (Peru is 2 hours ahead of Pacific Coast time USA/Canada… so Argentina is essential 4 hours ahead of Pacific, or 1 hour ahead of Eastern time).

There was a big line up at customs, so I didn´t really get to my hotel until nearly 5am.

Driving through Buenos Aires at 4:30am on a Wednesday night was bizarre!! Many coffee shops were full of groups of people… there were a lot of people walking around on the street… I saw quite a few people standing outside of a nightclub… I am not sure if they were leaving or just going in?!?!!

I actually read on the almighty interweb that a lot of nightclubs here don’t even OPEN until 2am??? OPEN!!!!

I am not sure what the deal is here, but if you are a night owl, this has to be your premier destination! I have never seen ANYTHING like this… the atmosphere at 4:30am on a Wednesday night was similiar to what you would see in the average Canadian or US city at around 11:30pm!!!! Or even 9:30 in some of the crappier, sleepier towns like San Fran or Sarasota Florida!

For a second, when I got to my hotel, I considered ¨going out¨, but it just seemed so crazy to ¨go out¨at 5 in the morning, so I decided to go to bed… I’ll check it out tonight and report back.