Seriously, what is up with Buenos Aires

I have been in Buenos Aires about 5 days now… I actually left today for Rio in Brasil (a 4 hour flight), but when I got there they asked for my visa. That was a problem… didn’t know you needed a visa. So they put me back on the plane for another FUUUNNNN 4 hour flight BACK to Argentina. I asked them if they could at least send me somewhere new, like Uruguay or Paraguay, so I felt like I did SOMETHING productive today, but they wouldn’t. So, 12 hours after I left my hotel for the airport I was back at my hotel… ugh.

Ya, not in a good mood right now.

But besides that, seriously what is the deal in Argentina?? I have always complained about the North American lifestyle of eating dinner at 6 or 7pm (or 5pm when I lived with my mom and dad!) and then nightclubs and other night spots are all shut down by 1 or 2… but Argentina… seriously, it is crazy here. First of all, I’ve seen a lot of restaurants that don’t even open until midnight. And there will not be ONE person in any discotheques at even 1am… places start to get busy around 2, but still not all that busy… usually people here tend to go to nightclubs at 3 or 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is when they GO! I have no idea when they leave because I am not sticking around until what must be 8am when some of them begin heading home!

And this isn’t just on the weekends either… Buenos Aires has a huge nightlife scene, and usually there are very busy clubs every night of the week… but if you feel like going out on a Tuesday night, same thing… won’t even open until 1 or 2!!!!

Well, its only 1am right now so I might as well take a nap until 3 or 4 then head out… lol