Oh USA, how irritating you are

I am back in the USA for the moment… in San Fran. Pretty much the instant I entered the US, in Miami on a stopover, I quickly remembered why I hate being in the US. Loud, obnoxious, irritating Americans everywhere… almost all of them 300 pounds +… I don’t know if it is just because I don’t understand a lot of what the Spanish people were saying in South America or not… but man listening to their conversations here is SOOOO irritating (which you are forced to do on airplanes etc.. and they talk so loud here you here their whole aimless conversation)… man, I can’t believe what shallow, self centered, pointless lives all these people live here… and talking about money constantly… “i bought this”, “i want to buy that”, “if i were rich…”… and interspersed with “gotta support the troops”… oh man.

And I forgot how ridiculously expensive it is here. I had a crappy cafeteria breakfast special at the Miami airport for $10… in Buenos Aires I could have had an excellent steak dinner with salad and wine in an upscale restaurant for the same amount… granted it was at the airport, and airports are always a rip off…

But even taxis are ridiculous here. The fare meter starts at the same amount that most of my South American taxi rides cost total. The taxi in Buenos Aires from downtown to the airport is about a 45 minute ride… and is over 50 kilometers… total cost, $15. Here I hopped in for about a 5-10 minute ride and it cost $20!

Anyway… there is some positives… it is nice to have english tv and books and stuff again… and the weather is nice here… but I will likely not stay too long as it is already irritating and I have only been here 1 day.